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Bennington Triangle Part 2 | Supernatural Disappearances of Vermont | Vault Notes

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Last week we introduced you all to the mysterious Bennington Triangle. This place shrouded in a cursed history that claimed several people from the haunting area. We looked into the strong connection to the fae or dimensional rifts in the cases of Paula Welden and James E. Tedford but tonight we will be telling you about the other odd cases, the curious weather patterns and a monster that terrified a group of travelers. 

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On November 12, 1945, 74-year-old Middie Rivers disappeared while out hunting. Rivers was guiding a group of four hunters up the mountains near Glastenbury Mountian. Rivers informed the group he would be going head to camp to set up for the night, but when the other hunters arrived at the camp he was nowhere to be seen. An extensive search was conducted and no evidence as to why or how he had disappeared was ever found. The disappearance had occurred in the Long Trail Road area and Vermont Route 9. Rivers was an experienced hunter and fisherman and he was familiar with the local area. This area was the same area that Paula Weldon would go missing just over a year later. 

On October 12, 1950, eight-year-old Paul Jephson disappeared from his mother's truck. She left her son unattended in the truck while she to feed some pigs. His mother was gone for about an hour. When she returned, her son was gone. Search parties were formed to look for the child. Nothing was ever found, though Jephson was wearing a bright red jacket like Paula Welden. Bloodhounds tracked the boy to Vermont Route 9, where four years earlier Paula Welden had disappeared, but the dogs eventually lost the sent.

In the article below it is believed that this case may not have paranormal ties but rather criminal ties instead. The article hints at the fact that the child may have gone off on his own and been kidnapped. There are also reports that indicated that Jephson's parents might have had something to do with his disappearance. We hope this is not the case, but this case is still unsolved and the boy has never been found. 

Unlike Paula Weldon, the information and sources on Jephson are slim at best. Many of the sources are unsubstantiated and often lead to broken links. We have found that in many cases we often see recycled information and little fact-checking. We were unable to completely fact check the details of the Jephson case cause of limited information. 

Sixteen days after Jephson had vanished. On October 28, 1950, Frieda Langer, 53, and her cousin, left their family campsite near the Somerset Reservoir to go on hiking. During the hike, Langer slipped and fell into a stream. She told her cousin, she would go back to the campsite, change clothes, and catch up with him. When she did not return after waiting an hour for her, he made his way back to the campsite and discovered she had not returned, and that nobody had seen her since they had left. Five searches were conducted, involving aircraft, and up to 300 searchers. No trace of Langer was found during the search. On May 12, 1951, her body was found in an area that had been extensively searched seven months previously lying on the grass in plain sight. No cause of death could be determined. 

This case is very similar to the cases we see in the Missing 411. Below there is a list of profile points that make up a Missing 411 case. Not all points have to be met but a majority are here in this case. 

In Fall 2008, Robert Singley got lost in the Bennington Triangle on the Long Trail, the same trail that Paula Welden had gone missing while hiking on. Singley claimed, "Right before I lost the trail, everything continued to crescendo into a weird dizzying confusion." As an experienced hiker, Singley tried to get some rest. He found refuge under a large maple. When he woke, he was on the other end of this ridge, six or seven miles away from where he thought he was. Singley started walking back. He passed the maple, but then the trail seemed, "completely foreign," like he had never been there before. There seemed to be newly downed trees that crossed the trail and the pine trees looked different. He was found by Vermont State Police on Monday at 11:30 A. M. Though he was only missing for about 24 hours, we decided to include his case because of the odd occurrences that happened up on the mountain. 

Bennington Monster

There are many that believe that there is a monster living in the woods near Bennington. There is one prominent story that began the legend of the Bennington Monster. 

In the early 19th century, a stagecoach full of passengers were making their way over the mountains near Glastenbury, near present-day Route 9 in Woodford. It was well past dark, and a violent rainstorm was washing out the road. The rain was coming down so hard, it forced the driver to come to a stop in the dark mountain wilderness. As he hopped down from his perch with the lantern on, he noticed something peculiar illuminated by lantern light. There were unfamiliar footprints in the mud.

The rain had not washed them away. The tracks were fresh, large, and widely spaced. His observations left him confused and concerned at what could have made the tracks. He noticed the horses were beginning to get spooked and soon the driver also started to become spooked. Something was lurking nearby.

As the passengers began to step out, something in the darkness threw something into the side of the carriage. The remaining passengers scrambled out of the carriage, completely terrified. The blows kept coming until the whole thing tumbled over on its side.

The frightened passengers and driver huddled together in the dark. Soon they saw, two large eyes staring at them. They were able to give a vague detail described the creature as roughly 8 feet tall and hairy. After a time it went back into the woods. Shortly after, whatever had attacked them had become dubbed as The Bennington Monster.

We often hear accounts similar to this in Bigfoot cases and lore. Was the Bennington Monster just defending its territory?

Weather Patterns

There are mountaineers and professional hikers who insist that the root of the Bennington Triangle folklore is nothing more sinister than the weather. They suggest that sudden local wind patterns on the mountainside can be erratic and changeable. Even those remarkably familiar with the area could suddenly suffer from disorientation.

Paranormal Occurrences

There are quite a few paranormal occurrences that people report happening on the mountain and trails. These occurrences include terrifying voices allegedly showing up on dead-air radio, sightings of mysterious figures, and unexplained navigation mishaps. Some even believe there is a portal or dimensional rift on the mountain.

People say that the mountain was unusually quiet and always has been said that animal life in the forest is often never heard. Could this be a lack of animals do deforestation or is there another cause?

Profile Points for a Missing 411 case

These are cases of missing individuals with little evidence as to what happened. Over the course of this case, we see many of the cases are similar to the Missing 411 cases. We can't discount the odd similarities and occurrences between them. 

- Point of Separation

- Time of Disappearance

- Boulder Fields 

- Near Water

- Weather Events

- Disability of Illness

- Canines Can't Track

- Found in the area previously searched

- Missing Clothing

- Unknown COD

- Geographical Clustering


During Phenomenacon, we learned about the study of what makes up folklore and how it connects to the paranormal. One thing from Dr. Andrea Kitta's lecture on folklore that stood out for me with this case. 'A singular case or experience does not make up the lore but rather a cumulative group of cases or experiences that makes it attribute to something significant.' When it comes to this case, a singular case would not make this place what it is, but rather combined with the other cases and the history makes this place an interesting spot for paranormal activity and lore.






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