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Betty and Barney Hill | New Hampshire UFO Cases

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

We decided with the wealth of knowledge in the paranormal in New Hampshire. We decided to break up the topics over a few episodes so we could cover things more in-depth. While we had planned to large cases to cover for this week's episode we simply didn't have enough time to get to our second case due to this one being so large! Well, let's dive into the Betty and Barney Hill case!

You can listen to our episode here

Barney and Betty Hill

In September 1961 near the White Mountains area between Portsmith, NH and Montreal, Canada, Barney, and Betty Hill were driving home from Montreal. They decided to take a drive to Montreal for possible treatment of Barney's ulcer.

Betty and Barney Hill lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. - Betty (1919-2004) was a social worker, with a degree from the University of New Hampshire - Barney (1923-1969) was a postal worker.

They were an interracial couple living in New Hampshire as it was a progressive place. In some states, it was still illegal to be an interracial couple at that time. As witnesses, they were considered quite reliable.

Details on the Drive

September 1961 about a quarter past 10 pm, Betty sees a light in the sky almost like a falling star. But then it started moving back up... almost like a fly bouncing on the breeze. We see this in the other cases where they say it is similar to a "falling of a leaf".

  • They get out of the car on the side of the road with binoculars. Barney gets the gun out of the trunk.

  • Betty sees the craft pass in front of the moon with multicolor lights

  • He continues to call it a piper cub? He thinks the air force is buzzing them.

(This is a Piper L-4 Cub aka Grasshopper. Some Grasshoppers continued to serve with the U.S. Air Force until 1953 and then with the Civil Air Patrol until the late 1960s.)

  • The craft keeps angling at him as if eyes were following him. He could see people inside the craft.

  • They drive away and the craft hovers over their car. They could feel a buzzing and hear a beeping sound. Their minds started to become dull.

  • They woke up 35 miles south and woke up two(2) hours later.

Arriving Home

  • Barney didn't want to tell others and attract attention. (Being an interracial couple this was more than likely the reason.)

  • They had flashes of memory of an orb silhouetted in the trees, driving off the road, and a roadblock.

  • Betty calls her sister and tells her about it. She tells her neighbor who has them test spots on the car with a compass. The compass spins over these spots.

  • Sister tells her to call Pease Air Force Base. She calls and speaks to Major Paul Henderson. He says they also saw something on the radar.

Items from the Night

  • Betty's dress had been ripped at the hemline and a strange pink powder was present. (5 labs have analyzed the substance but no one knows what it is).

  • The binocular strap had been severed

  • Their watches had stopped

  • Betty insisted the luggage be kept by the back door as it "had to be contaminated with radiation"

  • Barney's shoes are scrapped as if he was dragged and his toes were scrapping the ground


They used Regression Hypnosis on the Hills. They weren't trying to prove aliens, this was intended to be medical hypnosis. What followed is said to be the first well-documented, feasibly legitimate UFO abduction in history.

  • She remembers little men leading her into the forest. She remembers seeing Barney in a zombie-like trance. They were roughly 5 feet to 5 foot 4 inches, matching blue uniforms, almost human but not exactly there? (are aliens taking images of ourselves from our minds but they can't get it right? Just a bit out of time (clothing, history, etc.) and the bodies have unequal proportions.)

  • Betty remembers them being diverted off the road.

  • Two groups of "men" approach the car.

  • Barney tries to restart the car, but it won't startup.

  • The aliens open the car door and lead her out.

  • Betty remembers the examination: they shoved a needle in her naval as a pregnancy test, and she remembers the leader waving his hand in front of her eyes and making the pain go away.

  • Betty drew the map much like automatic writing.

(This is the map that Betty drew from her memory)

  • Barney remembers his examination: A cup was put over his manhood to collect a sample, he was probed with a tube, and he recalls someone counting his vertebra.

  • Aliens had no concept of time or colors

NICAP Interview

NICAP is an abbreviation for National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

  • Asked if they had Nitrate in the car? They had a bag of fertilizer in the trunk. Apparently, UFO events happen over Nitrate deposits. (Much of New Hampshire was at one point in time covered either by seawater or glaciers or both. This can raise the natural nitrate levels in the soil. Which makes this area a hot spot for ufo and paranormal activity.)

  • Why did you go on the trip? - It was really impulsive. Didn't have a ton of money with them either. The Hills were unable to accurately answer this question after the incident. Perhaps the memories were taken from them?


  • Abduction case that started it all.

  • This case got a lot of traction.

  • Vetted by: J. Allen Hynek - Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University, Air Force consultant on phenomena, created his own UFO studies, Bluebook consultant, wrote "UFO Experience" and Stanton T. Friedman - Nuclear Physicist

  • Objective truth - they believe it happened

  • Star Map - "hard evidence" or a stretch? Carl Sagan believes the latter


1. Betty and Barney are driving. 2. They see a craft (cigar-shaped).

3. They are abducted shortly after. The aliens are a bit violent as they force them from the car. Barney's shoes are scuffed badly at the toes as if he was dragged. 4. Skip in time. They aren’t sleeping well. 5. They see a therapist that hypnotized them separately. Their stories are corroborated. 6. They replay their trauma on tapes. 7. Aliens show Betty a map of where they come from, Zeta 2 Reticuli. They say Earth is along their trade route. Why are traders probing earthlings? 8. They made a Blue Book report about the case


This case left Kyle and I with more questions than answers, but we do hope we will be able to dig more into the future but for now, the Betty and Barney Hill case will be shelved. Join us next week as we dig into another UFO incident in New Hampshire, the Exeter Incident.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmDxXcRCkN4&feature=youtu.be https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP81R00560R000100010003-8.pdf








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