Chupa Chupas: Violent Attacks of UFOs

One of the most unusual cases to date that we have investigated is the case of the Chupa Chupas in Para, Brazil. This case is highly unusual because these are not just cases of unexplained lights or crafts in the sky, these UFOs attacked people. Though our research is limited, and the case left us with far more questions than answers, we will provide some of the facts below. Due to a large number of victim testimonials, we urge all of our listeners to read through the sources and accounts of the victims on your own.

Map of Flap area from:

Our investigation into these “UFOs that harm” starts in 1977 in Brazil as the people of Para were being attacked on an almost nightly basis by lights in the sky. With so many people getting injured and frightened by these, the mayors begged the Brazilian Airforce to step in and help. The people of Brazil claimed to have violent attacks of dizziness, small burns, and the most frightening of all… blood loss. This is where these UFOs get their namesake from, Chupa Chupa which translates to "sucker sucker". The BAF responded by sending a team of six investigators. This began Operação Prato or “Operation Plate,” an investigation of the UFO flap.

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"In total, 400 people were said to have been hit by lights that, according to the testimonies, sucked their blood. In one of the official documents, doctor Wellaide Cecim/Carvalho, who was 24 at the time and attended to most patients, says that the wounded had "paresis (partial body numbness), headache, dizziness, generalized tremor and first-degree burns, as well as small puncture marks." [1]

The operation began in 1977 and took place over four months before concluding in 1978. Though most of the information remained classified, the Operation Prato files were shared with Brazilian UFOlogists in 2005. [2] The UFOlogists wrote up a report for the public. “According to the reports, hundreds of witnesses were interviewed by BAF intelligence agents out of Belem, Brazil. As for our MOUFON source, they claim the BAF agents saw UFOs themselves and took hundreds of photos including video footage of USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects).” [2]

The team of investigators collected reports of over 300 sightings and compiled the hundreds of photos, sketches, and film into a 500-page report. [2]

Though this was a large attack it was not the only time the Brazilian government has been open about UFOs. The most widely publicized event occurred on the night of May 19, 1986, when twenty-one UFOs were tracked on radar crisscrossing the skies over much of the country. Six jet fighters armed with missiles were scrambled from bases near Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, and for several hours the jets chased or were chased by what were described as balls of

Light. [2]

Four days later, the government held an unprecedented nationally televised press

conference to let the pilots tell the country what they'd seen when they went after the

UFOs. "I watched the lights in front and on each side of my radar screen," said one pilot. "I

managed to close to within ten kilometers of one light, but from that moment on I was

unable to get closer." [2] It is quite interesting to hear these reports because we hear similar reports from the US government pilots experiencing similar situations.

The pilot reports continued as another pilot reported, "I was warned by ground control there were several contacts ahead of me approximately thirty kilometers away. I was also warned that contacts were approaching from behind and they came on until they were three kilometers behind me. I had to dive and as I did the contacts started to climb." [2] In the episode we speculate as to why this situation may have occurred.

UFO sketch from:

When it comes to this case, we are ultimately left baffled as to why these UFOs were hostile or trying to assert dominance over the people of Brazil. This is truly a case where we may never have answers but is a fascinating case to learn about.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the case. Come join us over in our Facebook group and tell us what you think about Chupa Chupas.


[1] A história oficial dos ÓVNIS no Brasil


[3] “German Artist Honors Operation Prato With His Art“ The interview with Frank J. Schäpel [FJS] was conducted by Marcelino Me







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