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Cryptids & Ghosts of Maine | Vault Notes

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

I am excited to let you into our research vault for the episode of Maine! There is a lot of information so grab a cup of coffee and sit down to dig into all this amazing information we dug up!

Listen along with our episode here!

What is the story of Maine?

  • Do they want people coming?

  • Do they welcome explorers?

  • Why is it so superficial?

  • Didn't see much from Paranormal groups.

  • 42nd most populated state.

  • Why does google lack info?

  • Cryptids are sparse.

  • Ghost stories are aplenty but they aren't super deep.

  • Penobscot Tribal Nation - lore from this tribe

Odd Cryptids of Maine!

  • Agropelter - "They are blamed for the disappearance of people in northern forests.[6] When loggers died from branches falling on their heads, the Agropelter was blamed for throwing the heavy branches." Bigfoot has been known for throwing branches. Open this: https://abookofcreatures.com/2019/07/19/agropelter/ Sources date no more recent than 1939.

  • Tote Road Shagamaw - Brunswick loggers tell of an animal which has puzzled many a man, even those who were not strangers in the woods. Frequently the report is circulated that the tracks of a bear have been seen near the camp, but a little later this is denied and moose tracks are reported instead. Oldtown, Maine is near Mt Desert Island aka Salsbury Cove

  • Specter Moose - Interestingly on the same western bank of the Penobscot River, near Ft. Knox, there are several sightings of the specter moose. Another rash of sightings occurred in 1932, and then again in 1938. In the latter year, most of the Specter Moose were seen in the forests of the Chesuncook region along the west branch of the Penobscot River. One vivid report came from a hunter by the name of Houston who got a very good look at the beast when he came along a herd of about 16 moose with three males watching over the grazing females grazing in a group with three males watching over them. Two of the males were large healthy moose, but the third was of great size making the others “look like pygmies” and was of a white luminous coloration. When Houston turned his back for a moment and then turned back around, the large white moose was gone, seemingly having vanished without a trace. Other stories are even more bizarre. One tells of a group of hunters near the Molunkus Stream in east-central Maine that killed a large white moose. Afterward, they slit its throat and hung it from a tree overnight so they could skin and dress it the next day. However, when they awoke the next morning, the white moose was gone. That night, the dead and vanished moose simply walked into their camp with its throat still cut. The hunters shot at it again but the moose was unfazed and walked away. It was later seen near Ashland, some 90 miles to the north, at which time, it was shot again with no effect.

  • The Billdad - North American Lumberjacks call it a fearsome critter. The Billdad was considered to be a delicacy by lumberjacks until very recently, but no one knows what the meat tastes like because the Billdad is very shy and reclusive. Near Boundary Pond, a remote body of water located in the far northwest corner of Franklin County, about 11 miles from Lac Megantic, Quebec, understandably doesn’t get a lot of human visitors. Lumberjacks supposedly believed, however, that if you heard something surfacing from beneath the water, it was almost certainly a Billdad. Yet another odd-looking animal, it’s about the size of a beaver, but looks more like a kangaroo with webbed feet and a hawk’s bill. According to “Fearsome Creatures,” it fishes from a perch on a rock, diving into the water for a fish to bring to the surface and stun with its tail. It can supposedly hop a whopping 60 yards in one bound, which is more than three times the length a kangaroo can jump. According to legend, a Billdad was killed on Boundary Pond and brought to a logging camp, where a cook made a slumgullion stew from it. The only person brave enough to eat it was a man, who took one taste, bolted from the camp, hopped 50 yards into a nearby lake — much like the Billdad itself — and drowned. No times or dates given.

Interestingly many of the cryptids in the New England area are referred to as "fearsome critters." Fearsome Critters - we noticed this term and didn't know what it meant. Sounds silly. Wikipedia "In North American folklore, fearsome critters were fabulous beasts jokingly said to inhabit the wilderness in or around logging camps, especially in the Great Lakes region. Today, the term may also be applied to similar tall tale animals." AKA campfire tales.

Our research kept leading us back to one area that was full of stories, Acadia National Park.

Acadia National Park seems to be a place of slight overlapping mysteries. Not only are we dealing with sprawling forests and the mysteries within, but we're also talking UFO sightings.

  • The Gates of Hell at Salsbury Cove Salisbury Cove, Maine - Summer 2009: Megan Whistler who was hiking in this area came upon a location where she was hearing voices that sounded faraway saying “help me” and “get me out of here”. Some paranormal enthusiasts have referred Salsbury Cove as a Gateway to Hell. Perhaps there is a portal located in this area. There are also reports that strange genetic experiments are conducted at this location by the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory. A hiker (name unknown) made a claim he came across a dog that looked like a German Shepherd. The dog acted scared when he saw the hiker. The hiker noticed that he had a small head growing from the outside of his neck. The small head had eyes, a nose, and a snout. The strange dog ran away from the hiker. HIGH STRANGENESS IDENTIFIED: THE VOICES THAT NEED HELP AND THE MUTANT DOG.

  • Ship Harbor Nature Trail, Bar Harbor - In 1739 200 people were shipwrecked here. Over time about half of them died and were buried in unmarked graves throughout the area. The rest of the group went in search of help and were never heard from again. Some believe the area is cursed, while others believe the strange things that happen here (including multiple shipwrecks) are the result of unsettled spirits in the unmarked graves.

  • Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor - Though there isn't a lot of UFO information for Maine but we could find we found the most sightings came from this area. Including large flashing lights that would light up the sky to " round-shaped, orange-colored objects that were traveling from Cadillac Mountain toward Duck Island."

There were quite a few hauntings for Maine and unfortunately we just couldn't touch on them all. However... we plan to go back and look at some of the things we missed at a later time in future episodes!

Paranormal Haunts in Maine

  • Robie Andrews Dormitory, University of Southern Maine - There are rumors of several deaths in the dorm. There's a story of a young female, left by her boyfriend after she was found to be pregnant and rather than go through the pregnancy alone, hung herself on the 4th floor of the dormitory. Since then, her ghost has been roaming the hallways and leaving current-day students with strange experiences. There's the story of another young female left homesick. Back before we could telephone home, you had to write letters. According to an article from the USM Free Press, this young student sent several letters home to her parents without any response. She became homesick and began crawling into the Robie-Andrews belfry tower to call out to her parents. Somewhere along the line, she either fell out of the tower, or more disturbingly, was pushed, and her spirit continues to roam around the hallways on the old dormitory. Students share stories of cold spots, hearing footsteps, or furniture being moved above the 4th floor even though the attic has been closed off. There are also stories of students seeing a woman in the tower and even seeing a woman jump/being pushed but there is nobody to be found.

  • Lady in White - Brownville Rd, Maine - On their way back from their honeymoon, a couple were driving down Brownville Road. not too far from Millinocket, Maine. The couple’s car swerved off the road for unknown reasons and crashed. The husband instructed the wife to stay in the car while he went to look for help. When he returned, she was not to be found, and no one could figure out what happened to her. At least, not until she began haunting the road and nearby bridge. To this day, Millinocket locals claim to see her while driving through the Brownville Road One local, a woman (Kayla Mcinnis (omitting her name since we don't have permission to use it)), who is attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle, has this to say about the story. “My friends told me. I was at a campground and they dared me to go with them.” the woman also had information as to why the Lady haunts the road. “I think the myth, the lady died and someone stole her wedding ring and she’s there for revenge.” So perhaps there is more to this story than some may know. There are many stories about ghosts seeking revenge. But the next comment indicated that the White Lady may not be dangerous. “If you bring a necklace and ask her questions, she’ll show up. It worked, but none of it was dangerous.” A White Lady (or Lady in White) is a type of female ghost, typically dressed in a white dress or similar garment, reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with local legends of tragedy. White Lady legends are found in many countries around the world. Common to many of these legends is an accidental death, murder, or suicide, and the theme of loss, betrayal by a husband or fiance, and unrequited love.

  • Ft Knox - Penobscot River - On the western bank of the Penobscot River lies Fort Knox, built between 1844 and 1869. While it never saw battle, it is said that the ghosts of many Maine soldiers still roam its dark granite tunnels. This area also links back to the cryptid of the Specter Moose.

These were not the only haunted areas. Maine has several haunted forests we didn't get the chance to get to all of them but we will in the future!

  • Old Narrow Gauge Trail - Orbs of light, dark shadows, and screams to 'get out' are just some of the haunting happening in the Randolph forest. The most well-known spirit here is known as 'Bicycle Larry' a beloved local who went missing, bike, and all. Locals will tell you he was murdered by Norris Perry, the man he stayed with, but nobody was ever found. This area also housed a railroad used by loggers. The railroad is no longer in use. Is it possible these loggers still haunted the area?












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