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Divination Tuesday | November 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Happy Tuesday! It is Thanksgiving week here in the United States. It is a week of thanks, good food, and time with family. This year it is a bit modified. Many families are doing thanksgiving over Zoom or Skype while others are doing more intimate celebrations instead of large gatherings.

For our reading today I asked the runes what we needed to hear this week.


This rune translates to water as it symbolizes the element of all forms of water. Water is connected to emotions, cleansing, and intuition.

This year has been one of the most turbulent years we have seen for a long time. We have been forced to adapt and for many, that has caused an uprising of emotions. Many often even feel a normal uprising of emotions around this time of year with the changing of the seasons and the holidays. This year those emotions are stronger than ever.

Laguz comes in to tell us that we need to release the resistance and go with the flow. The resistance to changes will continue to drive you deeper into disharmony. Let the fluidity of life guide you rather than trying to control and direct it. When we try to stop the flow of water it only finds a new route and may even cause flooding and destruction. When we try to keep situations that require adaptability in a box, we often find eventually the box falls apart and we end up hurt in the end. This rune asks you to breathe and relax and be fluid.

This is also the rune of intuition. It calls you to be open and receptive to the messages from the universe, spirit world, and higher self. Trust your gut and your inner process to help you navigate any stormy seas of life.

Laguz also represents creativity and growth. It calls you to investigate your creative side and remember hiding or ignoring it can often stop your growth. Dive back to your creativity and trust your intuition. Sometimes this rune of then tells you to connect with nature if you find your creativity has been lacking.

This rune has come to us with valuable information for us to grow and to remember to allow ourselves to enjoy the fluidity of life.

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We wish you a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours!



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