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Haunted By Our Departed Pets

By: Brittany “Pagan” Adkins

I am a psychic medium and as such, I am used to spirits and entities coming and going from my home, even some unusual ones. One week ago today, one of our dogs, Kota, passed away. As you could imagine this was heartbreaking for us and our other two dogs. For about three days after her death, I began to still feel her around and even saw her a few times. Mentioning this to a friend they asked me an interesting question, do our pets haunt us when they pass? I believe they do for a time. I even believe in the reincarnation of their souls.

Three years ago, the first dog my husband and I got together, Izzy, passed away of old age. For months we would feel her around or see her collar and leash had been moved from where we kept them, and we would find them by the door. Izzy was known for taking her leash off of the shelf and bringing it to us when she wanted to go for a walk. I continued to ask everyone in our house if they had moved them, alas none of them had. We would hear the shaking sound of her collar when she would run throughout the house and on the rare occasion, we would see her sitting out by the tree where she was buried. Around three months later we stopped seeing and hearing her, we simply assumed she had moved on. Flash forward about 6 months and we found our next Pitbull on a craigslist ad. Bean was identical to Izzy in personality and mannerisms. It was uncanny, so much so that we called her Izzy 2.0. I believe that the time Izzy stopped haunting us was when Bean was conceived. Some may say, “Oh that is just a coincidence,” but I do not believe anything is a coincidence.

It was not unusual to see Kota, our Pitbull that passed last week, venturing around our home making sure all of us were okay as she did often in life. Kota was the epitome of a nanny dog. She would hang out with our kids while they played and often would sleep in their beds with them. When the kids were not home and at school (pre-COVID), she would lay next to my desk while I worked. After she passed, we would often feel and see her do the same as she did when she was alive.

Some paranormal experts believe that because animals have emotions, they do indeed have souls. It is also believed that anything with a soul can haunt the living after death. No one really knows why animals or their human counterparts choose to remain among the living after death. I would say that like humans some animals feel it is their duty to still aid and guard the living as they did life.

In Izzy’s case, I think she stayed with us until she could find a way to return to us in the earthly realm. I believe our Pitbull Kota, being the old soul that she was, simply stayed to make sure her family was all right after her passing. We no longer feel or see her. What do you think?

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