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Healing Oracle Reading | November 4, 2020

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Normally I would do a Tarot Tuesday reading, but since it was the day of the US elections, I thought it was best we wait. Many people including myself took a much-needed day away from social media and the computer and focused their energies on more important things, like family, self-care, or the creation of art.

So much anxiety is fueling the country and the world right now. Usually, I ask the deck “what do we need to hear right now?” but today I did not do that. Instead, I asked the deck for a message of guidance and healing.

I am using the Mystical Shaman deck, I pretty much call this my healing deck and it always delivers.

Luminous Warrior

The Luminous Warrior tells us we have no enemies but ourselves as long as we are focusing on the dark and what hides in it. Instead, we need to focus on ourselves and our light. You need to remember to focus on your power, wisdom, and beauty. Do night be seduced by what seems wrong with you or the world. Remember that intention follows attention. So, if you focus on the positive traits and what helps you grow you will feed the light within you. Empower yourself so you may grow. There is little need for action in the world right now because we need to resolve the darkness within ourselves. Do not be tempted by your emotions to act out rashly. We need to look inward to create the change in the world.


The symbol of Wind represents the element of air, it rules communication, thoughts, and inspired ideas. It also signifies change with qualities both positive and negative. There is change on the wind. Good or bad is irrelevant, it is what you do with that change that makes the difference. You are being invited to recognize the value of chaos. Windstorms provide necessary chaos to clear the air and spread seeds so plants and trees can take new root. Right now, the world feels upside down. This is temporary and will blow over. Communication between others and yourself is lacking and needs to be restored in a positive manner. Wind calls you to embrace the storm and look at how you can clean up the world inside you and around you. Remember this too shall pass.

Soul Retrieval

It is time to forge a new path. You may feel broken and battered but in truth, your pain is a sign healing needs to take place. Like the caterpillar goes into the cocoon to change so do we. It is time for us to work inwardly so we can emerge anew into the beauty of life. Take the time to work on your inner world to find peace and connect with your soul. Our outer world can not be changed until our inner world is at peace.

The chaos of the past few days has shown us that we as individuals have been so caught up in who is right and who is wrong, we have forgotten that we all are right and wrong. We all have damage and trauma. We can not change the course of the future if we are unwilling to change and grow ourselves. Embrace the chaos and remember to work on your inner world and the outer world will change. Take time to be in nature and help her. Take time to be with yourself. Grow your mind and heart. Do not take your anger or emotions to social media, rather work on changing them to positive energy and send that out to our world. Change does not happen with politicians. It happens with people. It starts in you.






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