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Join us for our first-ever Community Investigation!

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Each week Kyle and I bring you wonderful tales of fascination and high strangeness! Since we have moved to Facebook, we have begun thinking of ways our community could join us for the amazing journeys through these cases. We are happy to introduce you to Community Investigations!

What is a Community Investigation?

  • For one month you will get to dive into researching a place of high strangeness with us! Each week we will combine research efforts and compare notes. Your research will help fuel the episode and our articles to come!

How often will there be Community Investigations?

  • As of right now, every other month. During the “off” periods, Kyle and I will dive into smaller cases and topics!

How much research is required?

  • This is strictly voluntary. You can do as much or a little as you like! This is a way for all of us to share in the excitement of exploring these places together.

Ready to join us? How to join in on the research and conversation?

  • Become a contributor and get access to our exclusive Facebook group! In that group, we will share links, photos, research, and even have live chats with all of you! In the group, you can share what research you have found, or if you have been to the case location and have personal experience, you can share it with us!

Why should I become a member?

  • Each member not only helps us continue our work within the paranormal field but they also help us expand our library of cases and allow us to open doors to research tools we would not be able to use without them.

  • We offer three levels of membership:

  • Supporter – You get early access to our exclusive articles, a sigil of the month emailed to you directly, and access to exclusive bonus streams!

  • Contributor – You get all of the things from the supporter level in addition to: access to the exclusive Facebook group, help us build a library of cases by helping us with community investigations, access to exclusive Facebook watch parties, exclusive access to workshops, and discount codes for the occult shop!

  • Founder – You get all of the things from the supporter and contributor levels in addition to: getting your name listed on our Founders Team, 1 free Reiki or Tarot Session, and receive a digital copy of the latest book*!

Now to the best part! What will our first Investigation be together? Drum roll, please… Skinwalker Ranch! Together we will be exploring the UFO/UAP phenomena, the legendary skinwalkers, the strange phenomena, and the haunting apparitions and supernatural activity of the ranch and surrounding area.

So, become a contributor and join the group as we dive deep into this window area of high strangeness together!

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