Kindred Spirits Returns Vibrantly | A Review

As we start a new year, we are happy to welcome new ideas and new things back to our lives. This year is not any different. Kyle and I were thrilled to welcome the return of Kindred Spirits on Travel Channel back into our lives. The show is starting its’ fifth season, we were excited to see the show return with a vibrancy.

Kindred Spirits, hosted by Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, returned to the Proctor House in what was originally in Salem, Massachusetts for the continuation of the investigation they had started in 2019. Along with their return, they invited Dana and Greg Newkirk to join them again. The Newkirk’s are known for their award-winning series Hellier and The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.

In the Haunted Salem: Live episode in 2019 the Newkirks created a sigil to open the door to communication, which some may say worked a little too well. Viewers reported experiencing paranormal activity in their homes while watching the episode live. After the filming was finished Amy and Adam felt as if their time in the Proctor House had only begun and it was only right for them to return to finish what they had begun that night in 2019.

The beauty of Kindred Spirits is the humanity and willingness to think and work outside the norms of paranormal investigation to open the doors to learning about those on the other side. If you are new to the show, the premiere was a wonderful example of how different tools and techniques can be used for spirit communication.

Along with the sigil, that was created in the first investigation, Dana returned with her tarot cards to communicate with the spirits differently and see more into the situation. Many believe that the use of sigils and tarot is evil, however, that is not the case. Tarot is used to gain insight into situations. Sigils are created to raise energies with intent. These creative forms of investigation yielded unprecedented and chilling responses from the spirits in the house. Without the use of tarot, the sigil, and the witchcraft that Dana brought to the investigation, the resolution of the Proctor House would have been much harder to attain.

There was one part of the team that was not able to be part of the investigation physically, Chip Coffey, the psychic and medium for Kindred Spirits. However, thanks to the wonders of technology, he was still able to be there via video. It was amazing to see him sitting at the head of the table during the séance, bringing his wonderful energy to the magic that happened in the investigation.

Our rating of the premiere of Kindred Spirits is an A+ rating. The episode kept the viewers on the edge of their seats and thrilled us with the haunting evidence they captured from the séance to the dual Estes Method session. Too often spirits are counted as “evil,” but this episode shows sometimes our actions are misunderstood and though the spirits can appear deceiving ultimately, they are trying to protect themselves. As a paranormal lover and researcher, I would like to thank Amy, Adam, Chip, Greg, and Dana for bringing a wonderful investigation to us full of humanity, wonder, and understanding. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

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