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Medicine Wheel Tarot Reading | Tarot Tuesday - October 6, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

The pagan wheel of the year is coming to a close and I knew we all could use some healing insight into what we need to work on for the start of the next cycle of the wheel. The wheel of the year officially ends on October 30th and the new year begins on Samhain or Halloween, October 31st. This year we all have had hardships and challenges that have hit us, but let us go into the next cycle with a renewed mindset and energy of change and good intent. 

For today’s reading, I chose to do a Medicine Wheel reading. This reading will tell us what we need to let go of what we need to let die, what wisdom we need to hear, and what our destiny holds. Let us get started. 

The card of the South – The Vision Quest

This card is fitting for this position because sometimes we need to look deep within us to see what we are holding on to that is no longer serving us. This is an old wound you no longer need to define yourself by. The universe or great Spirit has been trying to contact you, but you have not been listening. You are too busy with your life, and there is too much noise inside your head. Do not miss this call again! It is time for you to make room for a quiet time to allow yourself to listen for a while. You will be able to finally hear the important message. If you can go sit outside alone in nature or a park even on a balcony or porch. It is time to spend some time in contemplation. Get off your couch, get away from your desk, and just go outside. The universe and Spirit help those who help themselves. 

The card of the West – Wild Woman

This card represents a part of you that needs to die. It is an old story that needs to be let go so you can find a new more meaningful story in your life. We as humans always need to change and be growing and flowing. Do not allow yourself to be defined by a past that is no longer apart of you. Excess for its own sake is a sign of imbalance. There is a warning of a trap surrounding obsessive thinking or behavior. These behaviors promise a sense of release in places that will never provide it. It is a trap. Let go. The true release comes from the fluidity of life. Just as the river flows through the mountain, it needs boundaries and banks to keep it from running dry. You do too. Boundaries around your thinking, and behavior. These are not meant to close you off or make you close-minded but rather keep you on the path you are meant to be on. Now is the time to simplify, be mindful, and connect with the light within. This card invites you to shine brightly and to know that your true self is being called out to engage the world. Your authentic self doesn’t fit in a box. It needs freedom to shine. It’s time to have the courage and step into the light. 

The card of the North – Beauty Way

This card represents the wisdom you need to acquire. You have learned your lessons from the South and West cards, now it is time to accept the wisdom to grow. It is time to stop trying to fix relationships that you believe are broken. Recognize that things are exactly that things are exactly as they need to be in this moment and acknowledge the inherent beauty in that. When you understand this, you will be able to bring about the change that is needed for you. Do not engage in gossip or the darkness and flaws of others, instead rather take the time to focus on the beauty within yourself and others. 

The card of the East – The Council

This card represents your possible destiny, the way that you will share your gifts with others. You should realize you are never alone. Turn to the Council or guides of the universe to find the guidance you seek and listen to the voice that arises spontaneously. Turn a deaf ear to the voice of your ego that tells you that are not up to the task before you. Honor the Council, or your guides, and invite them to your altar every time you meditate or pray. The Council has a message for you, listen with your inner senses. You have already heard the message and seen the signs all you must do is discern it is meaning. Embark on the journey, take the leap without requiring life to assure you of success. 

This wheel will help prepare you for the next wheel of the year. Thank you for joining me this week for Tarot Tuesday! Have a blessed week! 






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