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My House is Haunted! | Living with Supernatural Roommates

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

By: Brittany “Pagan” Adkins

I remember when my parents and I moved to our home in northern New Mexico and my dad told me that some of our family members had passed on in the house, I was naturally curious and a little frightened. After we moved in, we started seeing shadows of figures walk around when none one else was walking around or moving. I would hear voices at night when no one else was awake. One room, in particular, was always eerily frightening and cold even on the hottest summer day with no explanation as to why.

It wasn’t long before I had grown accustomed to our spectral roommate. We would often greet her by saying “Hi Lottie,” assuming she was my great aunt that had passed in the house. She was never intentionally frightening. She was simply just there.

Years later, after I had begun to develop my mediumship abilities, I had realized it was Lottie, but only a residual haunting of her. Her energies remained in the house doing what they had always done. This is quite common in the realm of paranormal hauntings.

After I moved to Tennessee, my husband and his family told me to “watch out, the house is haunted.” I had already by this point developed a level of comfort with working with the paranormal, so another haunting did not bother me. Well, it turns out our farm was a hub of paranormal activity that has increased over the years.

My husband and I both are mediums and seem to attract a lot of “visitors” as we call them. While most are curious, playful, or just passing through we have had a few not so nice visitors come in.

I remember one spirit in particular that often would move my daughter’s toys or make them stand up in unnatural ways and at times throw them at us. The spirit would often make her cry as well, and as you could imagine this didn’t make me very happy. I was forced to heavily cleanse the house and ward it.

Since then, we only allow visitors who have good or playful intents, and boy oh boy do we get them! On the Revelator Morning Show many have often heard some of the antics of my ghostly visitors and roommates, but for those of you who are new, allow me to share.

One spirit that has pretty much moved into the house is who we refer to as the old woman. She is a bit of a prankster. One of her favorite antics is to move and reposition a fake skull we keep in the house as decoration. Sometimes it is just moved to a different spot, while other times the mouth will be open like it is laughing. Each time is always different. We are not sure why she enjoys this, but it is always a bit fun to see what she has done with the skull.

Early in the mornings when my husband is getting ready for work and making his coffee, one of our resident male spirits often will open the coffee cup cabinet next to my husband. One morning, my husband grabbed out an extra cup and asked if he would like a cup of coffee. No audible reply was given, but the cabinet closed after he asked. Now we simply just take out an extra cup for him. We don’t fix the coffee because we know it can’t transcend the veil, but we take out the cup for him as a nice gesture. Some mornings my husband will even ask him if he would like some breakfast.

Spirits and entities come and go on our farm. While we have grown used to them, I understand for many having experiences like this would be frightening. Here are a few pointers on how to deal with supernatural roommates.

While having a supernatural roommate can be frightening, don’t get too scared. Most are curious and don’t mean harm.

  1. You can be friendly to them and see if it responds in a friendly manner. Just remember they do not communicate as we do.

  2. If you feel uncomfortable you can tell them to leave. It is your home, not theirs.

  3. If they refuse to leave you can try seeking out help from a trained professional, such as a medium.

  4. You can also cleanse and ward your house to only allow supernatural entities with good or playful intent in. (Feel free to reach out if you would like help with this.)

Living with spirits and entities doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. You can even ask them to help clean up around the house or even pay rent. We often do, it never happens, but we can hope!

Do you have a ghostly roommate? Tell us about it below!



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