"On the Trail of Hauntings" by Small Town Monsters | A Review

When you think of paranormal television, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Overly theatrical works that imply every house has a demon? Don’t get us wrong, we love some spooky TV, but we find ourselves burnt out and craving realism. We’re excited to say that’s exactly what we got with Small Town Monsters’s new series, “On the Trail of Hauntings”.

We’ve both been fans of Small Town Monsters’ past work including “The Mark of the Bell Witch”, and we even got to chat with STM Director Seth Breedlove to learn about their process. Their process of investigation is exactly what’s on display in the first episode of “On the Trail of… Hauntings”

Kyle gives his thoughts.

We follow the STM team as they learn the history of the Witch of Hanoverton through oral accounts from local investigators. The team then ventures to the witch’s graveyard to observe and document some of the apparitions and manifestations. Though they didn’t capture much evidence in this initial episode, we loved seeing the team go about debunking possible explanations. The team exhibits professionalism, depth of research, and most important to us: a willingness to try new technology and approach ideas from a new perspective.

We are thrilled about “On the Trail of Hauntings” airing for members of the Small Town Monsters Squad on YouTube. We highly recommend supporting their work, and we look forward to talking with them more in the future. If you haven’t already, listen to our interview with STM and join our Facebook Group where we’re researching the Mothman (while using lots of STM documentaries!).

By: Kyle & Pagan






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