Prologue into the Mothman Case | Join Our Investigation

We invite our friends and listeners to investigate with us again as we dive deep into another area of high strangeness. For the month of February, we are beginning an expansive community investigation into Point Pleasant, WV, and the case of the Mothman!

What is a Community Investigation?

For one month you will get to dive into researching a place of high strangeness with us! Each week we will combine research efforts and compare notes. Your research will help fuel the episode and our articles to come!

How often will there be Community Investigations?

As of right now, every other month. During the “off” periods, Kyle and I will dive into smaller cases and topics!

How much research is required?

This is strictly voluntary. You can do as much or a little as you like! This is a way for all of* us to share in the excitement of exploring these places together.

In this episode, we will be outlining our schedule and sources. Listen along as we discuss what we know of the case and our thoughts before digging into the research in the next episode.


  1. Prologue to the Mothman case - Feb 1 - This episode will be a light-on-fact episode that recounts our interest and general knowledge of the case.

  2. Mothman of Point Pleasant - Feb 8 - This episode will get into the meat of the case discussing the cryptid and accompanying phenomena, including the disasters and debunking Mothman of Chernobyl.

  3. Men in Black / Indrid Cold - Feb 15 - This episode looks at the mysterious Men in Black. These “men” were known to show up to witness's houses and inform them to not believe their eyes!

  4. Karl Pfeiffer & Connor Randall Interview - Feb 19 - We will be asking the #Hellier team some questions about their investigation into Indrid Cold and the Mothman!

  5. UFOs - Feb 22 - This episode tackles the UFO flap that accompanied the sightings around Point Pleasant, WV.

  6. Mothman of Lake Michigan - March 1 OR Friday, March 5 - This episode will feature an interview with our friends from The Singular Fortean Society.

  7. Conclusion

We are so excited about the opportunities for this case and to learn more about this infamous case! Below is the starting list of our sources. We would love for everyone to explore these sources with us and give us your thoughts on this case!


TV / Film:

[1] The Mothman of Point Pleasant by Small Town Monsters

[2] The Mothman Legacy by Small Town Monsters

[3] Hellier by Planet Weird


The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel

Visitors from Lanulos by Woodrow Darenburger

The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest by Tobias Wayland

Ready to join us? How to join in on the research and conversation?

Join our exclusive Facebook group! In that group, we will share links, photos, research, and even have live chats with all of you! In the group, you can share what research you have found, or if you have been to the case location and have personal experience, you can share it with us! So, come share your thoughts with us as we all dig into the research of this large high strangeness case. We would love to hear your perspectives and theories on this case.






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