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Protection Magic | Occult Sunday

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

When it comes to protection magic within witchcraft there are many ways to protect yourself and others. It is one of the most basic foundations of the practice within the craft.

What is protection magic?

Protection magic is the shield that keeps us safe from outside influences, and attacks. While protection magic varies in the individual practice it had the same basic purpose, to deter anything or anyone from trying to harm you.

In the House Kheperu gathering, we learned about a role within their group referred to as the Warriors. Warriors are the protectors. They clear away unwanted energies and remove entities who may mean harm or ill will and establish the protective ‘walls’ around the space to ensure a safe and productive ritual. While this is in a coven type practice, in our own practice we must be our own warriors.

What can protection magic be used for?

Essentially… everything. In my own practice, I have various forms of protection spells always working around my home. My home is warded to keep out unwanted energies and unwanted visitors. I have protection sigils and sachets in each of my children’s rooms to protect them from harm. I do regular protection spells to protect our bank accounts from anyone who may want to steal from us. I have protection spells on our home and car to deter anyone or anything that may wish to harm them and to protect them from damage. We have jewelry that we wear that is charged with protective energy to deter anyone who would wish to harm us. Finally, if you have participated in our Election Protection ritual, it can be used to protect things on a large scale like elections and countries. While these are just some examples of protection energy it can be used on anything you wish to protect.

Protection Spell

This is an example of a simple protection spell. Feel free to make this as elaborate as you like by adding herbs, stones, sigils, or anything else you feel would aid you.

Items needed:

A small white or black candle

Additional items that are completely optional:

Herbs used in protection (i.e., basil, lavender, cinnamon, dragons’ blood, clove, mint, or frankincense)

Stones for protection (i.e., Obsidian, quartz, tourmaline)

Paper and pen for sigils, or names

White or black salt

Light the candle and say:

With this candle, I will the power of protection over (whatever you are protecting) that no inside or outside forces may interfere or harm them. I banish those energies and entities that mean harm or ill will. I will with the heat of this flame that (whatever you are protecting) be kept safe and true. May the heat of this flame strengthen my intention and carry my will to be fulfilled quickly.

So mote it be.

Visualize a white light similar to a bubble or shield surround what you are trying to protect. See it building a web of strength and getting stronger the longer you focus on it. Perhaps it becomes metal or stone. It is sturdy. It is strong. It is unwavering.

Let the candle burn down. If you have a pillar candle or a large one You can do this spell for several days until the candle is completely burned down. Once it has finished, clean up your altar disposing of any natural ingredients outside and any unnatural ingredients through recycling or proper disposal with a grateful energy for their help.

If you are doing this protection as a permanent one, I recommend redoing the spell monthly to keep the protection energies strong.

If you do not have any of the items above, you can still do this spell without the candle just visualize the light and change the wording to remove the aspects of the candle and flame.

Tonight, January 10, 2021, we will be doing this spell together live on Facebook. We would love for you to join us!



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