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Protection Spell of the Country & Election

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This spell is to aid in the protection of a country and elections. This spell can be performed one time but is best used as a long continuous spell leading up to the election. I have state or city in parentheses so you can say whatever applies to you for your election.


  • Picture of your country, state, or city

  • Blue, Red and Black candle (White can be substituted)

  • Cinnamon

  • White Salt

  • Black Pepper

  • Dried Onion

  • Clove (Optional)

  • Dill (Optional)

  • Orange (Optional)

  • Lavender (Optional)

  • Small spell bottle (Optional)

  • Mortar and Pestle

  • Fire-safe containers for the candles

Place a picture of the US or your country on the altar.

On top of the picture place your fire safe container for your blue candle in the center of the map. This candle represents honesty and protection.

Place the red candle container to the right of the blue candle. This candle represents power, strength, and action.

Place the black candle container to the left of the blue candle. This candle represents safety, protection, and banishment of evil and negative energies.

If you are using white candles just place them down in that order. As you place them down empower them with the representations above.

In the Mortar and Pestle place equal parts of the herbs empowering each of them with the following as you add them:

  • Cinnamon - Power and protection (ONLY USE A SMALL AMOUNT!)

  • Salt - Honesty, and protection

  • Black Pepper - Deter evil or negative forces and protection (ONLY USE A SMALL AMOUNT!)

  • Dried Onion - Protection

(Optional herbs)

  • Clove - Protection, ward off evil or negative forces, prosperity(ONLY USE A SMALL AMOUNT!)

  • Dill - Protection

  • Orange - Harmony

  • Lavender - Peace, Balance, Clear Communication

Grind them together to mix their oils. **The reason some say use a small amount is that when you burn them they can be overpowering and even toxic to some people.**

If you do not have a mortar and pestle use a flat-bottomed glass or cup with a bowl or plate.

Once you have done this sprinkle some of the mixture onto each candle and on the map with the intent of protection, honesty, balance, peace, and warding or deterring negative forces from harming our country (state or city) and election.

Light the blue candle and say:

With this candle, I will that each vote is honest and clear, and protected. No interference from inside or outside sources may touch them. Each vote is safe and true to what is best for our country (state or city). Each vote is counted fair and true. The heat of this flame carries my will to be fulfilled quickly.

Light the red candle and say:

With this candle, I will that the power of each vote is a powerful voice of action and rings true for what is best for our country (state or city). I raise the power of these intentions, so they come through true and quickly. May these intentions be strengthened by the heat of this flame.

Light the black candle and say:

With this candle, I will the power of protection over each vote and the election that no inside or outside forces may interfere with the election or the country (state or city). I banish those energies and entities that mean us harm or ill will. I will with the heat of this flame that our election be safe and true.

Focus your intent and visualize a white light of protection and honesty flowing through and around our votes and those who count them. Send out intent to protect our country and that those that are who have and are still to vote will do what is best for the country (state or city). Visualize the white light as a shield to protect the election and country from anyone inside or outside who wishes to do us harm.

Let each candle burn for a few hours then snuff out the flames. If you are using tea lights allow them to burn out and replace them the next day to continue the spell. Send out the intent that you will continue the spell the next day and so on in waves until it is complete on

on the day after the election.

*Continue this through the election or until all the wicks have burned out. Most of all REMEMBER FIRE SAFETY!*


Protection of the Country and Election Spell Bottle

Place salt in the bottom of a small glass bottle. Add each of the herbs until the bottle is filled. As you add them charge them with your intent. Seal the bottle and charge the bottle with the intent. Place it above the blue or middle candle on the map, visualizing it radiating your intent out across the land.

Keep the bottle on the map until the completion of the spell.

Closing Out The Spell:

When your spell is finished take the spell bottle outside and pour out the ingredients into your hand and let the earth have them. (Do this in a natural area.) Thank them as you let them go. Do the same with the rest of the loose herbs on the altar. Any remaining wax can be disposed of or reused but thank the energies that served you through these items. If your candles are in jars you can freeze the jars and remove the frozen wax more easily and wash the jars and reuse them. The map should be folded away and thanked and disposed of. As you thank the energies of the map visualize them being released out into the universe and land so they no longer reside in the map, then you can dispose of it. Finally, cleanse the space either via cleaning or sage smoke or sage spray.






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