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Samhain Tarot Reading | October 27, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Samhain Tarot Reading

So, what is more fitting than using the Halloween Oracle deck for a reading for the week of Halloween? I asked the deck what we all needed to work on this Samhain, let’s see what answers this reading has in store for us!

Graveyard – Unnecessary Fear

Right now, we are all going through a lot of changes and they feel incredibly rapid. Change on a normal day is frightening, but with so many changes hitting us all at once we are feeling more fear and anxiety than normal. This card is here to show you that while your fears and anxieties are valid, they are hindering you on the path you are supposed to be on. Focus on your path rather than your fears and you will see them eventually fade away. You are stronger than them.

Forgiveness – Reducing Burden

Now is the time of year when we need to let go of what no longer serves us. This includes holding grudges. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. They serve only the negative energy you are feeding. If you are unable to forgive the other person, forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt and let them go. If thoughts or emotions of that person enter your mind after that simply push the thoughts away and let them go. They can no longer plague you any more.

Cauldron – Synergy and Healing

The cauldron is calling you now to work toward bettering yourself and your world. This transformation can be several little changes or a few big changes but ultimately each should be working to create transformation and ultimately healing and balance. Remember to start the transformation within and your outer world will transform alongside it.

Skull of Flowers – Creating Through the Ashes

The Skull of Flowers reminds us that we can still build something beautiful through the chaos. Sometimes we long for change for so long we manifest it but ultimately, we are unprepared for it. When life seems to fall apart it is out of those ashes that we are able to rebuild our best life. The Skull of Flowers urges you to look at life through new eyes that are no longer hindered behind the comfortable vision of old and embrace the change before you. When we embrace the energy of the phoenix, we see the energy of success and fulfillment through adversity.

Vampire – Emotional Intelligence

When we see this card is calling us to inspect our boundaries and ties to others. Sometimes we become so complacent with our relationships with others that we think it is better to have a negative soul around us feeding off us rather than to be alone. In truth deep down we all know that it is better to be alone and seek out those who are going to provide a healthy relationship than a toxic one. This card is calling you to set up boundaries for yourself. Relationships of any kind should be healthy and balanced. Remember you are not a doormat.

Action Card – Zombie – Control

This card is calling you to look at the concept of control in your life. Are you too controlling? Do you like to manipulate others to your way of thinking? Or do you allow that to happen to you? The Zombie wants you to take control and responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. It is time to focus on building the best most authentic version of yourself.

This reading is a wonderful road map of what we need to work on to start the journey to become the most authentic version of ourselves.

May you have a blessed week and Samhain.






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