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Tarot Tuesday | August 25, 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Hello, my friends!

This week I decided to go with an oracle deck instead of a traditional tarot deck. Though they are both different I found each one holds profound messages for us. I found a great quote to explain the difference between traditional Tarot and Oracle Tarot.

“Oracle decks are more free-wheeling from the set structure of tarot. An oracle deck can essentially be whatever the creator of the deck wants it to be — they pick how many cards are in it, what sorts of imagery it'll use, and what purpose it's supposed to serve. There are many different types of oracle decks that come in all shapes, sizes, and functions. The basic set-up is that they have images and words, along with a book that explains ways in which a reader should interpret them.” – Alexandra Svokos – Elite Daily

The deck I chose this week is the Moonology Oracle Deck. The deck is centered around the moon and its various phases. It is the one that called out to me for today’s reading.

Let’s see what the cards have in store!

Disseminating Moon - Take time to breathe out. 

Just like after the full moon has peaked and things begin to settle down from those energies, it is time to regroup and learn from the experiences good and bad. This card is telling us to take some time to stop and think about what is working or what needs improvement in our lives. It is also telling us it is time to take a pause and remember to breathe. We cannot always be on the go. We must also take time for ourselves to recharge.  Take some time this week to breathe and reflect. 

This week one of my favorite people tweeted out this very reminder. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Look at the bigger picture. 

After a moment to breathe what is better than taking some time to explore and move out of stagnation. This card is showing us we can do just that. It is a card that tells us to move forward and even take some risks, but it also comes with a warning not to risk or bet everything on this energy. The wheels of fate and fortune are still spinning. That is why every exploration and step forward is a risk, but ultimately a lesson. So, remember how to laugh, and enjoy life. Take a class or teach one! Finally, take some time to be grateful. Gratitude is a great force of positivity and change. 

Fixed Moon – Hold your vision. 

This card is all about reflection. You need to take a realistic look at things right now. Are you stuck or feeling stagnate? Or do you need to hold your ground? These are two possible meanings for this card. This card also asked you to look and see if stubbornness is getting the better of you. If so, stop digging your heels in and realize change is a good thing. Stagnation in terms of water can make it unhealthy and harmful. The same can happen to us. Humans are meant to be fluid like water, ever-moving, ever-changing. We have been led to believe that change is evil and bad, but even small changes we know can have profound effects. For instance, changing up your workouts can bring improvement to your overall fitness. This card calls for you to see where you need to change or move and where you need to stand true. One of my favorite cards in traditional tarot is the Tower. It is the card of change coming. It has taught me to embrace my fluidity and accept changes as they come.

This year we have seen many changes, good and a lot of bad. However, we are still standing strong and moving forward in many ways. We have learned to be fluid and adapt to new realities. Now, it is time to do that in your personal life.


This reading is amazing! It tells us to take a breath and remember life is full of risks and change, but if we accept that, then we can step forward into the unknown with certainty that while we don’t always know what is ahead we can adapt to it. 

Blessings to you all this week!








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