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Tarot Tuesday | Healing Through Tarot | September 8, 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Every Tarot Tuesday I ask the deck a question. Unless it is a specific day like the day of a new moon or full moon. The question is often ‘what does everyone need to hear today,’ but this time it was different. I asked the deck, “What lesson does everyone need to heal?” I was drawn to draw from my Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck because it is a deck great for healing.

This reading will be different from my ones in the past. Each card has three interpretations in the book, but I usually see what they have to say and let my intuition do the talking. That is what will happen today.

The Heart of Sky

This card has a duality of meanings, as many of the cards in this deck do. One side says now is the time to embrace creativity and the other side says it is time to descend into the cosmos and let the darkness strip away all that is no longer serving us.

Perhaps you are feeling a need to just take some time for yourself, away from the world, to just create. Paint, draw, write, dance…whatever it may be, art can move stagnant emotions and energies. Let it flow out through creativity.

This card also talks about stepping into the darkness and letting all that is not good for us fade away. This is the essence of shadow work. Shadow work is needed by all, it is how we let go of traumas and darkness of yesterday (or our past) to be whole again for the future.

This card speaks volumes we see in the image a beautiful woman masked in shadow around her eyes. This is the shadows of our soul. To live in the vibrancy of life we must deal with our shadows. Her headdress is that vibrant green, showing us that we can have the vibrancy of life apart of us and wear and experience it proudly.

Take some time to work through the shadows and stagnant energies. It is time to heal.

The Andean Cross

This card shows us the cosmic crossroads of the shaman, the upper worlds, and the lower worlds. While that sounds overly complex it really is not. When it comes to healing this card tells us it is time to not be jumping into the next thing or project, but rather instead taking the time to be apart of the here and now. We are all used to a life that never stops and is so fast-paced that we are just running to try to catch up, but instead, we end up burnt out and exhausted.

This card asks you to stop chasing the proverbial rabbit. This card, instead, tells you to take time and be in the stillness of your inner self. How can one take the time to heal from unfavorable energies if you are constantly moving? You can’t.

Take the time to rest, meditate, relax. Just be in the stillness of the soul for a while.


This card tells us everything is flowing the way it should, yet sometimes even when it is flowing just the way it is supposed to, we feel that if we stop everything will fall apart. This card tells us that is simply not the case. Do not push against the river or try to swim upstream, it will be a failed and harmful effort. This is an opportunity to stop and refocus or regroup. So, when it is time to start working toward your goals again you will be rested and ready.

Take this time to just drift on the gentle currents of life, not forever, but for a time. It is okay to say no to things you do not have the drive or time for. Now is the time to be selfish in a healthy way. It is time to take care of you, so you can be well when others need you.

When it came to this reading, I think every single person needs this right now. We have been through a hell of a year and as the season is coming to a close, we need to know its okay to go into the quiet of fall with peace and stillness inside of us.

To close today I want to give you all a simple meditation to help bring you back to the place of serenity and healing.


Find a comfortable spot, you can sit or lay down just do not go to sleep. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and I want you to breathe in slowly for five counts.






Now breathe out for five counts as well. You can do this as long as you need until your mind feels centered.

*If you are new to meditation you may feel like your mind cannot focus. That is okay. Let the thoughts come up and fade away as you focus on your breathing. If you need to focus on the counting to make them fade that is okay too.

Once your mind feels centered, I want you to visualize or imagine a peaceful place. It could be a lake or the ocean or even the mountains. Wherever brings you peace. Think about yourself sitting there in that place. Just breathe and be there for a short time. Let all the cares of the world be outside this place. This is your place of tranquility.

When you are ready gently pull yourself back and slowly open your eyes. Take your time getting up. You may even want to stretch.

*Some may experience emotions during this. It is normal. You are giving yourself time and space to be still so you can process things. It is needed to heal and let go.

I hope you all have a blessed and healing week and remember it is okay to take time to rest and heal.






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