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Tarot Tuesday | September 15, 2020 | New Moon Ritual Practices

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

This week’s tarot read seems to tie in very much with the new moon that is coming on the 17th of September. The new moon is going to be in the zodiac of Virgo and with the solstice around the corner on the 22nd we are seeing the perfect time to start making transitions.

Today’s deck was chosen by a reader of Tarot Tuesday’s and as usual, I asked the deck ‘what does the world need to hear today.’ I do love how every time I read asking that question, every deck never fails to deliver. The deck I will be working with is the Dark Mirror Oracle deck, it is a deck that is brutally honest, but often an honesty we need.


This card is the card of insight for this reading. With the new moon coming into Virgo this a good time to ask what in my life is chaotic and needs balance? This card is asking you to look at all the things that are not good for you, unhealthy attachments, unhealthy habits, and unhealthy behaviors. These things are like energetic parasites. Draining you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Much like a host with physical parasites, life can appear normal and healthy on the outside while on the inside it is being ravaged. Take a moment to look deep and see what is out of balance. Now it the time to cleanse and restore to fix it. Beware though, many fixes take time and work.

The Temple of My Body

Once you have taken the time to realize what is out of balance this card is telling you to take the time to fix it. Perhaps you were not taking care of your physical needs from unhealthy habits and unhealthy mental practices. This card is calling you to shed those habits and practices like a snake sheds its skin to reveal new vibrancy. You only have one body, are you making yourself a priority? This card is the card of action. Take the action and begin the change from chaos to peace.

Colorless Angel

This is the card of truth. What would happen if you said yes, it is time to move from the chaos then, tomorrow you said, ‘oh I don’t have time for me?’ I am not saying we will not have days like this, we will. You may feel like it is too much want to retreat instead of pressing on. Much like the parasites will drain the life from their host, so will the energies that need to be worked through and changed or soon our senses will become numb to the fog of delays. We then will become indifferent to the fog, and the chaos that is needing to be changed will consume us once again. Change is hard and sometimes painful, but it is necessary for us to grow.

Wow! That was a heavy reading, but I did say this deck was brutally honest. With the energies of the new moon and solstice approaching it is a good time to look at what we can change within ourselves. On the solstice, the duality between light and dark will be at its peak. The day will be perfectly balanced between the two as we get ready for our descent into the darkness of winter. When it comes to change, we too must descend into our own darkness, work through the shadows in order to come into the light on the other side. In the darkness of the new moon, it is time for cleansing and setting intentions for action and change.

I am including some practices for the new moon on the 17th that you can do to start these changes, but do not wait until then to start. The self-discovery process can start now.


  • Burn Incense to clear away stagnant energies in your home. My personal favorite is white sage and lavender. If you can’t burn incense you can purchase white sage and lavender sprays on Amazon, or research how to make your own with essential oils.

  • Take a ritual bath/shower. You can do this with essential oils or Epson salt or simply visualize the water cleansing away any unwanted or stagnant energies from you.

  • Air out your home. Open the windows and doors and let some fresh air in.

  • Tidy up the clutter. Cleaning up clutter and your home can refresh energies.

  • Close up any due tasks or projects.

Create a sacred space

This space could be a small place where you honor your deity, the universe, or just a space where you can meditate.

  • Tidy up. Creating a space in a cluttered or tight room is not ideal

  • Make it unique to you.

  • Add a plant. If you have a green thumb add a place to the space to allow for living energy.

  • Light candles. *Please practice fire safety with this and never leave a candle unattended or in an unsafe place*

Set Intentions

This is the time when you can set your plan for change.

  • Plan. Make a plan or list of what you want to work on and what your goals are.

  • Visualize your goals.

  • Journal

  • Make a vision board. If you have never made a vision board, I recommend looking them up. They are wonderful for manifestation. I have several digital ones.

Let Go

This sounds simple but often takes several meditations or actions to complete. If you do not feel as if you got it on the first round, continue working on it throughout the coming days or weeks.

  • Visualize what you need to release

  • Write it down and destroy it. *If you burn it, please use fire safety again*

These are simple things you can do for the new moon. If you are interested in the solstice, I will be doing a reading and ritual for the Ritualist Letter on the 22nd.

Have a safe and blessed week and new moon!






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