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Tarot Tuesday | September 29, 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Welcome to the last Tarot Tuesday of September before we enter my favorite month of October. I decided we needed a little magick before tomorrow’s Ritualist Letter, and Thursday’s full moon, so I chose to do today’s reading with The Magick of You Oracle deck. As usual, I asked the deck what everyone needed to hear keeping in mind all the magick that would be coming this week.

I love this deck because not only is it beautiful, but it also provides a small ritual or meditation for each card.

Samadhi – Perfect Acceptance

Sometimes we get so caught up in making life perfect and the curse of perfectionism. We often are led to believe that acceptance is a way of giving up, but Samadhi is here to show you that is not the case. At times we need to stop striving for everything to just fit in the perfect box and sometimes just enjoy the chaotic mess that we are in the moment and just be. This card is calling you to just stop even for a moment and just be. Be present, be in the moment, be in the chaos. If you look at the imagery of the card, she is surrounded by thorns, but she is not fighting them she is just at peace amongst them. At times we can find ourselves fighting so hard to get out of something but everything else is falling apart in the moment. This is when we need to just be for a moment, breathe, and then with a calmer head and heart, we can move forward with clarity.


Find a quiet place and get comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on deep slow breaths. With each exhale let the stress of the situations fade away. Just let go and just be in that moment with your breath. Let each inhale fill you with relaxation and peace. Allow yourself to enter a deep state of awareness underneath the thought source – a state beyond waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Doing this will connect you with an unlimited reservoir of energy, creativity, intelligence, purpose, bliss, and unlimited peace in the present moment. Allow yourself to embrace all that this has to offer before allowing yourself to come back to reality. Tackle the world with newfound clarity and peace!

Detox – Cleanse and Restore Yourself

Overindulgence of social media, electronics, food, substances can all be toxic to our bodies and minds. We often find ourselves indulging in too much because it feels fun and good, but this card is telling us it is time to step away and detox. We often feel a form of burn out or apathy when our stress levels are high, or we have become overstimulated by our world. It is time to take time for ourselves, turn off the electronics, eat healthy nourishing foods, and take care of ourselves. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your world.


Take an evening to have a detox night (perhaps the night of the full moon). Make sure to give yourself enough time to relax. Prepare a healthy nutritious meal with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish and detox your body. After dinner prepare a relaxing bath or shower. Perhaps you want to use bath salts or a bath bomb with essential oils and herbs. Allow your body to relax into the waters and let the stress melt away. After your bath prepare a cup of herbal tea to relax (or warm lemon water if you do not drink teas) to relax before bed. Finally, before bed, put three drops of lavender oil and one drop of lemon oil on your pillow for a serene sleep. If you prefer to make up a dream satchel fill a small satchel with dried lavender flowers and dried lemon zest and tuck it into your pillowcase. Slip into your bed on clean sheets and close your eyes breathing deep to relax your body and drift off into serenity.

Orenda – Honor Your Mystical Creative Force

We all have the gifts of magick within us. The gifts to create and manifest our destiny. This card is calling you to embrace those gifts. What could you change if you could? What would you like to do to better yourself? Orenda calls you now to make that change, but often change comes with sacrifice. We often see sacrifice as bad, but it is necessary for change. Transition is what we need to grow as we often see in the transition of the Maiden to the Mother to the Crone. Embrace the Mother’s magick and start to manifest your destiny.


Think about and visualize what blessings and changes you would like to manifest in your life. Cut a few strands of your hair and set them aside. Cut long strands of wool or cotton strings in colors of red, orange, and yellow. Use a skill that resonates with you, crochet, knit, or knot. Bind the strands of your hair into the weaving while you visualize your blessings and changes. Wear for blessings in life, body, and soul.

On Thursday, October 1st, we will have a full moon that is also a blood moon. This is a perfect time to heed this reading. Blood moons often are associated with the elemental earth and the root chakra. This means this a perfect time to slow down and detox and ground ourselves. This will allow us to embrace the magick of October as we prepare for Samhain and the second full moon on October 31st!

I hope you all enjoyed this Tarot Tuesday and had a blessed September! Tomorrow we will have the first Ritualist letter on Patreon! It will be filled with all sorts of magickal wonders! If you enjoyed this Tarot Tuesday be sure to comment below.

See you all next week and blessed be!



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