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The Conjuring House: Fact vs. Fiction

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

In the picturesque little town of Burrillville, Rhode Island is a small farm with a house that is a legend to be the source of some extraordinary paranormal evidence that ultimately led to a Hollywood movie.

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The Haunting of the Perron Family

The Perron family bought the 200-hundred-acre farm in 1970. The home seemed perfect for the family of seven and even stayed in the home for 10 years.

The family moved into the home in January 1971, and apparently only five minutes after they started to move in the activity started. Andrea claimed there was a man standing behind Mr. Kenyon, the former owner. When she asked who the man was, she was told there was no man there. When she went back to look the man was gone.

The first bit of activity at night was the sound of whispering voices, which terrified the youngest of the children, Cindy. She ran to her sister Andrea’s room for comfort. Andrea asked her what had happened, and she said the voices had said there were seven dead soldiers buried in the walls.

Strange sounds and voices continued and soon the entire family was concerned enough to reach out to paranormal investigators and demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1973.

When the Warrens arrived Carolyn Perron informed them that she and the children had been seeing the woman who was responsible for the haunting and said it was Bathsheba Sherman.

Lorraine agreed and also claimed that she had seen that Bathsheba was in connection to these hauntings.

Soon after their arrival Ed and Lorraine were able to secure a Catholic priest to come and do a blessing of the home and Carolyn who was showing signs of oppression.

The blessing quickly turned into a seance in which religious provocation was used to bring out whatever demonic entity lurked in the home so it could be sent back to hell.

During the séance, Carolyn allegedly became possessed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to speak in an unidentified language before levitating and being thrown twenty feet into another room.

Soon after the entity that had possessed her was gone from her body.

After the séance, the activity stopped for a year before resuming with Carolyn seeing apparitions in her dining room.

The family eventually moved to Georgia.

In 2007 the eldest daughter Andrea wrote a trilogy of books documenting the events that happened during the 10-year stay in the home.

The History of the Farm and the Alleged Deaths

The home was constructed in 1736.

The farm belonged to the Arnold family.

Andrea Perron claimed there were several deaths on the farm however with some research her claims were unfounded.

Mrs. John Arnold who allegedly died from hanging in the barn at the age of 93, actually died of old age and not on the Arnold Estate. Though there was a Mrs. Susan Arnold, who was married to John Arnold who did hang herself. She was 50 years old and passed several miles away in her home.

John Arnold also allegedly committed suicide in the house. John Arnold was born to Edwin Arnold and grew up in the farmhouse, but he committed suicide in his home of Tarkiln several miles Southeast of Burrillville.

Edwin Arnold 1903 of exposure. He had been missing for weeks and was found a mile and a half from the farmhouse. It is possible he had found his way home but was weak and sat down to rest. He never woke up. Andrea claimed Edwin was one of the men “who froze to death underneath the blacksmith shop.”

Jarvis Smith passed away in 1901 in a rickety shed near the Edwin Arnold farmhouse. He apparently was drunk and came to rest in the shed and never woke up. He was claimed to be the second man who died underneath the blacksmith shop.

Prudence Arnold was murdered at the age of 12 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts by William E. Knowlton. He slit her throat almost to the point of decapitating her. She was raised on the Arnold farm until the age of three after her parents passed away. Andrea Perron originally claimed she was murdered in the house, and years later she corrected saying she was wrong but the spirit of Prudence returned to the farm. Lorraine confirmed that the girl had been murdered in the house in the pantry “there is blood everywhere… seal up the pantry.” Prudence was murder in a room upstairs nowhere near a pantry.

Bathsheba Sherman had the most damaging claims against her. Bathsheba is said to be an evil, Satan-worshipping witch who sacrificed a baby by impaling a sewing needle into the base of its skull. The claims of her murdering her child have never been substantiated. Bathsheba Sherman (1814–1885), live a long life and had four children, Julia (1845–1847), Edward Francis (1847–1848), Herbert (1850–1903), and George (1853–1856), none of their deaths were listed and none were suspicious. Bathsheba never lived or worked on the Arnold estate (farmhouse), nor was she associated with the Arnold family.


During the research of this location, we found mountains of experiences and claims documented, though the alleged history of the home and the reported deaths that took place within the home seem to be lacking in evidence in those claims and did not match up to the actual history of the home.

We cannot deny the experiences of the Perrons and Warrens. Though the unfounded claims of this case did raise a lot more questions.











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