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The Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch - Pt. 1 - Join Our Investigation Into This Chaotic Window Area

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Skinwalker Ranch and the Uinta Basin have been a hotbed for paranormal activity for almost two centuries. Together with our community, we are starting an extended investigation into the area to dive deep into all the chaotic mysteries of this place. In this episode, we dive into what our knowledge of the area is before we dive deep into finding out everything we can about this area of high strangeness.

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The Overview

The ranch is made up of 512 acres of land in North-eastern Utah. The ranch resides in the middle of the Uinta Basin named after the Ute tribe.

So where did the name Skinwalker Ranch come from? The Native Americans refer to “demonic” entities that can change into the shape of an animal, something akin to a coyote or a large wolf similar to a dire wolf. The Natives said that the skinwalkers walk the “path of the skinwalker” which is commonly known as Skinwalker Ridge. The ridge is the plateau that runs above the ranch.

It is said that the activity started about 200 years ago, however, the most frightening activity happened in the 1990s. According to the Last Podcast on the Left the ranch was owned by the “Gormans” however our initial findings have pointed us to the family of the Shermans. It is possible that Last Podcast on the Left was using a pseudonym to protect the identity of the family. “Terry Sherman got so spooked by the happenings on his new cattle ranch that 18 months after moving his family of four to the property now known by many as “Skinwalker Ranch” in northeastern Utah, he sold the 512-acre parcel away.” [1]

The ranch is currently owned by Brandon Fugal as of 2016.

Fugal bought the ranch from Robert Bigalow, a hotel and aerospace entrepreneur, who owned Bigelow Aerospace.

What activity happens on the Ranch?

There is a lot of activity that takes place in the basin as well as on the ranch. The following knowledge is just the basics of what we know happens out there. As we continue to work through this case we know our research will lead us down deeper paths of what really is happening there on the ranch.

Many of the current researchers that live and work on the Ranch will be the first to tell you that it is not safe to dig on the ranch. Not because of your usual reasons such as gas lines or sinkholes, but unexplainable dangerous things tend to happen if you begin to dig on the ranch.

There seems to be a systematic and repeated mutilation of their cattle—in an oddly surgical and bloodless manner. We see this often with UFO cases. We do know that cattle are on the ranch still and they are a form of animal investigators themselves. The animals are well cared for by the ranch caretakers.

There are lights on the ridge of the mesa almost nightly, some in flashing patterns, others in spotlight patterns, and some are so bright they seem to light up the whole sky. These lights have no obvious sources and are completely unexplainable.

There are a few original homesteads on the property that are over one hundred years old. There are a lot of corroborating facts of activity surrounding these homesteads, including apparitions, disembodied voices, shadow figures, and feelings of uneasiness.

Several of the researchers over the years have found high RF (radio frequency) levels that max out meters. These levels are in remote areas that have no explainable source. These are also levels that are dangerous to humans with long exposure.

There are also sightings of large black dogs or wolves in the area. These sightings are of creatures much larger than any current species of dog or wolf in the area. There is also an account from the Sherman family of a large dog or wolf trying to kill one of their calves, that took several shots from a .357 and even more shots from a 30.06 hunting rifle before it finally let the calf go and ran away. Those are both large enough caliber weapons that they would easily be able to take down any wolf.

A Window Area

As we have spoken about in many of our episodes is the description of an area of high strangeness from the author and investigator of the Mothman case, John Keel. Some areas like Point Pleasant, WV, and Bridgewater Triangle, MA appear to be areas where the veil between worlds or dimensions is thinner, and more high strangeness can occur. Skinwalker Ranch is no exception to this. Though our investigation has only begun we firmly believe this is a window area.

Join Our Investigation

For the first time, we have decided to open up our investigations to our community members! Now you can join us as we dig into the case and explore every path of high strangeness together. Click here to find out more on how you can become a contributor and join the investigation!

Sources to start your investigation!

We started the investigation by watching History’s, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. The show came out in the Spring of 2020 and is a great opportunity to start our group research! The Last Podcast On The Left has an excellent two-part series discussing the ranch!


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TV / Film:

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (Affiliate link)

Hunt for the Skinwalker (Affiliate link)


Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah by Colm A. Kelleher Ph.D. (Author), George Knapp (Author) (Affiliate link)

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