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The Haunting of Skinwalker Ranch - Pt. 2 - Join our investigation

Welcome back to our case on Skinwalker ranch. Last week we gave you a brief overview of the Ranch, the activity, and our thoughts on this window area. This week, we dive deeper into some of the haunting phenomena that make this ranch so unique.

Ranch Ownership

To truly understand any haunting location you have to understand its past. While we are still exploring the deep history of the Ranch, we do understand the succession of ownership for the ranch. Much of the phenomena has been told from owner to owner before the research teams ever got to set foot on the property. Though the property was once Ute land, the “curse” never left once the property changed in ownership.

Though there is still some research to be done on the original owners of the ranch, we know the Myers family owned the property from 1905 to 1994. The family built their first homestead home on the ranch in 1905.

Kenneth and Edith Myers lived on the ranch for fifty-three years. While not much is known about the couple and the activity they experienced we do know they did vacate the ranch in 1987 allowing it to sit empty for seven years before it was purchased by Terry and Gwen Sherman in 1994. We also know that the Myers did inform the Shermans, not to dig on the land. There is speculation as to why they said this, but we are hoping to locate more research to tell us why the Myers did not want any future owners digging on the land. [1]

Terry and Gwen Sherman moved on to the ranch in 1994 with their two children, a teenage son and a ten-year-old daughter, and livestock. They were exceptionally surprised to find that the Myers had placed deadbolts on all the doors and windows, both inside the house and outside as well. They found it more peculiar that the kitchen cabinets had bolts on them. [1] At both ends of the house, the Shermans also discovered iron stakes and heavy chains had been installed. They assumed these were used by the previous tenants for large guard dogs. [3]

The Shermans didn’t seek attention. '"For a long time, we wondered what we were seeing if it was something to do with a top-secret project. I don't know really what to think about it.” said Terry Sherman, who reluctantly agreed to speak publicly about the activity for the first time.' [1]

The Shermans had a number of frightening experiences while living on the ranch, many of which we will discuss later. They only stayed on the ranch for two years before they had decided to sell the ranch to Robert Bigelow in 1996. Bigalow was a real estate developer who founded the National Institute for Discovery Science in 1995. Bigalow and his team set out to study the strange occurrences and anomalies from a scientific perspective. NIDSci closed down in 2004. One year later, journalist George Knapp and Colm Kelleher co-authored the book Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah. (Affiliate Link)

Bigelow held on to the ranch until 2016, where he sold it to Brandon Fugal via Adamantium Holdings. Fugal, the current owner of the ranch has now continued the research of this place of high strangeness with a new team of researchers.

Haunted Land

According to the book Hunt for the Skinwalker, Buffalo Soldiers were buried in the Uintah Basin. Later when the government was setting up reservation land for the Ute tribe, they built homes for the Native Americans on these graves. [13] It is a sad and disturbing thought that the government gave the Native Americans haunted land.

It should also be noted that while the Myer’s lived at Skinwalker ranch during the 1950s, the Uintah Basin experienced numerous reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The UFO energy mixed with the energy of the haunted land could have created some terrible effects for the Myers that may have lingered within the depths of the land all these years.


One of the things that makes this place a window area of high strangeness is the combination of reports of activity. The ranch had everything from unexplainable activity to hauntings to UFO activity to cryptids.

The activity seems to be based around the three homesteads on the property. The homesteads are over one hundred years old. Though the activity does not stop within the houses the trickster spirit type activity includes odd things like the contents of the salt and pepper shakers switching and groceries that were put away appearing back on the kitchen table. This is the reason they believed all of the kitchen cabinets had deadbolts on them. It is interesting to note that some believe that the children were trying to maliciously trick their parents, however, the more the events progressed the more this speculation was proven to be false.

At one point Terry left the posthole digger out where he was working and returned to the house. After he went back to resume his work he noticed it was gone. Thinking his children had moved he went to inquire where it had gone only to find out his children and wife had not left the house all day. This was not the only time this had happened, things continued to move or disappear around the ranch, including water hoses and shovels. There was never any kind of tracks to prove who or what had taken the items.

At another time, the children were tasked with moving one hundred metal poles across the ranch. When they finished the kids informed Terry they had finished but when he went to see the poles were back close to where they were originally. The children swore they spent all morning moving them across the ranch. If this had been a prank done by the kids it would not have been successful due to the amount of labor it would have taken to move the poles from one location and back.

There were multiple occasions when Terry heard male voices speaking an unfamiliar language above him. The voices seemed to be about 25 feet above him, but Terry couldn't see a thing. The dogs that were with him would be behaving frantically as if they were able to sense something as well or even hear the voices. [1] Skinwalker ranch is not a heavily forested land, while there are groves of trees the ranch is not covered in them, so it is unlikely that there would be anyone sitting in trees pranking Terry.

Haunting and poltergeist type activity has continued on the ranch even after the Myers and Shermans left the ranch. The most recent team under Brandon Fugal’s ownership has reported odd feelings, objects being thrown, and unexplained voices telling the team to ‘get out.’

What are your thoughts on the hauntings of Skinwalker ranch? Tell us in the comments below!



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