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The UFOs of Skinwalker Ranch - Pt. 3 - Join our investigation

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Welcome back to another awesome expansion of this amazing case! This week we covered the UFO phenomena of the Ranch and Uintah Basin.

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Before we dig in too deep we have a few clarifications we would like to cover. As we continue our research each week into this place we continue to look at multiple sources to find what truly happens on this ranch, or as close as we can. This week Kyle has been reading The Utah UFO Display by Frank B. Salisbury and he has found more truth in this book than in The Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp. Not to say that the Hunt for the Skinwalker is completely inaccurate but it is quite embellished.

Here are a few of the corrections/clarifications we have discovered in our research:

  • “No digging on the ranch without notification of the previous owners.” [14]

  • The reasoning was not supernatural. It was actually about the oil that resides on the property. The Myers family owns the oil rights.

Corrections in the timeline of the Ranch

  • Terry Sherman sold the ranch in 1996 to Robert Bigelow, a Las Vegas millionaire, but was hired on as caretaker though he lived 25 miles away.

  • According to [14] which recounts Garth Myers (Kenneth’s brother) saying that the land was purchased in 1933, not 1905. They originally started with 160 acres but by the time they sold it, they had up to 480. [14 pg: 218]

  • Kenneth Meyers dies in 1987 [14]

  • Edith lives on the ranch for five years before she goes to a rest home

  • The ranch sits vacant for two years but then leased out to other ranchers (this started even before Kenneth died) [14]

These are just a few of the clarifications we have discovered so far. As we find more we will update them in future episodes.

UFOs / Chupa-Chupas

“The Shermans' ranch would be paradise if they were UFO researchers…” - Deseret News 1996 article that launched the Shermans into the spotlight

Some of the following information was pulled from the Hunt for the Skinwalker book, so while the book is embellished we do know it is based on fact. So we are taking the information from it with a grain of salt.

Gwen Sherman was in her car on her way home from work one night when she noticed flying lights were following her. The triangular craft had multicolored red, blue, and green lights that were showing on the ground. The craft chased her all the way home and into the house before flying off for the night. Later that night she looked out the window to see what looked like an RV in their yard. In this RV she sees what looks like a desk and a large figure moving around. The figure was estimated to be over seven feet tall. It is possible she connected this figure to the Triangle shaped craft that followed her earlier. The next morning she noticed large footprints in the mood, but they were not boot marks instead it was a rounded smooth heel. It is interesting to note that while the ranch is quite remote, it would have been difficult for someone to drive an RV into their yard without the Sherman’s noticing. The intruders would have had to drive through locked gates before reaching the yard.

The book Hunt for the Skinwalker also brought up the idea of Chupas. Chupas are UFOs that “attacked” people. There was a wave of these sightings in Brazil in the 1970s. We will be doing a case on these after our Skinwalker series!

When the victims were “attacked” they would receive burns, radiation poisoning, and more.

Here are some of the types of injuries that would be a result of these “attacks.”

  • Lesion to the face or thoracic area

  • Hair loss

  • Blackening of skin

  • Small puncture marks in the skin

  • Hair did not regrow in the areas affected

  • People claimed the beams would paralyze them

  • The beam would hit them suddenly

  • It was about as hot as a cigarette burn

  • Some were apparently killed by these beams

On the ranch there are still high levels of radiation within the ground especially in the water well next to homestead two, this is shown in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch show on History Channel. The reasoning for the sources of radiation is a bit unknown. Could it have been from all the UFO activity? It is possible, however, there is a much more likely cause. During the time period when the government was doing nuclear testing in Nevada much of the fallout from those tests fell over Utah. It is possible that the fallout soaked into the ground and the water.

The following information came from The Utah UFO Display.

The entire Sherman family would often see orange objects in the sky, but Terry would often take the time to observe them using binoculars and his hunting rifle scope to view the object more closely. He often would describe it as boiling water in the sky and at one point it opens and inside, Terry can see blue sky and sunlight through it, even though it was at night. One time he sees a black object inside the portal, it passes through the portal and disappears into the sky of our world.

Though this object would often look similar to an orange cloud in the sky, Terry couldn’t understand why his neighbors were not talking about this too. After he drove away from the ranch to attempt to view it from where his neighbors might, it didn’t look so out of the ordinary. He thinks the object appears differently based on angles. It looks like an orange cloud at a distance and when you drive closer it becomes visible.

The Shermans had encounters with three specific types of UFOs repeatedly.

  • A small boxlike craft with a white light

  • A 40-foot-long object

  • A huge ship the size of several football fields

On several occasions, Terry would see these blue orbs that would follow and seemingly harass the family. One night Terry had finally had enough and unleashed his hunting/guard dogs on these orbs. The dogs chased the orbs into the tree line and Terry then heard three distinct and painful yelps. Unwilling to go into the woods that night he returned home and waited until the morning before he went to investigate. He found the three piles of “goo” and burned grass where he believes the dogs would have been. The Blue Orb killing dogs was “the last straw,” and he knew it was time to reach out for help. [14]

The Shermans have linked the sightings with the death or disappearance of seven of their cows. Four of the seven have disappeared without a trace, and three others have been found dead and partially mutilated.

Salisbury, the author of the Utah UFO Display, believes that the skinwalkers maybe aliens because of the tricks they use to deceive humans. [14 pg: 226] Is it possible that these aliens arrived to communicate during the time of the Native Americans and like the aliens in the Betty and Barney Hill case, they didn’t get the human appearance quite right? Perhaps this is the reason the Native Americans viewed them as evil?

Salisbury talked with Garth Myers, brother to Kenneth Myers, who told Salisbury “up to 1992, there had never been and there never were any signs of that [UFO and similar activity.]” [14 pg: 218] This does beg the question, of what caused the Shermans to have so much activity happen to them, whereas they Myers apparently had none?

UFO Activity Caught on Television Shows

There have been numerous accounts of evidence that has been caught from shows like Portals to Hell, Alien Highway, and Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. These are some of the pieces of evidence that have been caught on camera.

  • Beams/columns of light off the mesa

  • Lights moving across the mesa with unusually fast speeds

  • The night sky above the mesa lighting up with no apparent causes

As we continue to explore the phenomena of Skinwalker Ranch and the Uintah Basin we are reminded what a phenomenal place this is, a place rich with history lore and paranormal phenomena that perplexes scientists and fascinates the paranormal world. See you all next week as we continue to dive deep into this case!

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