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The Cryptids of Skinwalker Ranch - Pt. 4 - Join our investigation

As we continue through our case of Skinwalker Ranch it is not unusual that we would find evidence of cryptids in this area of high strangeness.

The ranch seems to have odd encounters with the strangely large wolf-like creatures, but it is interesting to note that according to the Utah UFO Display, the last wolf had been killed in the area in 1929. While some believe it could be the appearance of the cursed Skinwalkers, others believe it could be a creature similar to a dire wolf.

Sherman’s Fight Off the Wolves

On the day that the Sherman’s took possession of the property, the family spotted an exceptionally large coyote or wolf in one of the pastures. This animal was said to be three times the normal size of a wolf, standing almost as tall as Terry Sherman’s shoulders. At first, this animal seemed docile and even let the family approach and pet it, however, that did not last long. Soon it turned and began to make its way over to a livestock pen. There was a calf who had its head between the bars on the corral grazing. As the animal approached it grabbed the calf by the nose and tried to drag it through the corral bars. Startled by the once docile beasts’ behavior, Terry Sherman and his son began to beat the animal trying to make it release the calf but were ultimately unsuccessful. The Sherman’s were prize cattle ranchers and did not want to lose one of their calves to an animal.

When beating the animal to get it to release the calf failed, Sherman pulled out his .357 magnum and shot the beast at point-blank range, but the wolf still held onto the calf. Sherman fired another shot, which did make it release the calf. The wolf stood there gazing at the men calmly as if it were not bothered by the two bullets it had been shot with.

Terry refused to allow the animal to have another chance to attack his livestock and proceeded to shoot the animal a few more times before it began to trot off still unbothered. There was no sign of blood or injury to the animal.

The men began to follow the animal to chase it away from the ranch. The tracks were quite easy to follow since the ground was soft and damp. They followed the tracks for about a mile before the trail stopped. It was as if the animal had simply vanished.

A few weeks later, when Gwen Sherman was in her car, she encountered a wolf that was so large, its back was parallel with the top of her window. The large wolf was accompanied by another dog-like animal that she could not identify. The animals followed her for quite some time and ultimately startled her enough that she went to the tribal police for help. The tribal police informed her that there were no longer wolves in the area and the last wolf had been killed in 1929.

After the Sherman’s sold the ranch to Robert Bigelow in 1996, Terry stayed on the ranch as a manager. One day he witnessed a huge red beast chasing the horses in the corral. The animal had gotten a hold of one of the horse’s legs and injured it before disappearing into thin air as Terry watched. [14]

The story of these large beasts is alarming, but there are some discrepancies in the story that we have yet to find official clarification on. Some reports state that Terry shot the wolf attacking the calf several times with his .357 magnum and two more times with his 30.06 rifle. Some of the reports conflict about the rifle. In other reports, it states that the incident with the calf happened on the “very day they took possession” but other reports say they did not bring their cattle onto the ranch until later.

Alpaca Attack on the Ranch

On the show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch they had brought on a couple of alpacas to act as biosensors for the activity on the ranch.

Kandus Linde (noted Anthropologist) serves as one of the caretakers along with Tom Lewis they currently live in the ranch house known as Homestead One. In addition to assisting with different experiments, they are solely responsible for monitoring the cattle, as well as other exotic animals that have been brought onto the ranch for research purposes.

One early morning Kandus and Tom awoke to the sounds of animals screeching in distress. When they arrived at the corral where the alpacas were, they witnessed a group of large wolves or dogs attacking the two alpacas. One of the large wolves would not let go of the alpaca until Tom threw a stick at its head.

After assessing the animal’s injuries, they went back to the command center to check the cameras to see what happened and how these wolves got into the corral. They found that oddly the main camera facing the corral was not working and the other camera while had a partial view of the pen did not give them enough evidence to see what the group of wolves or dogs actually were or how they got in.

Stay tuned next week as we start to dive into the odd occurrences surrounding the cattle mutilations on the ranch and in the coming weeks as we dive deeper into the mystery of the Skinwalkers.

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