The Unraveling of Skinwalker Ranch - Pt. 5 - Join our investigation

Updated: Jan 5

Welcome to the last part of our series on Skinwalker Ranch! In this episode, Kyle and I give our thoughts on the case and introduce some of the corrections and falsehoods we found in our research of this case.

During our investigation, we began to see several inconsistencies and unsubstantiated claims that were from the book Hunt for the Skinwalker.

During the Myers time on the ranch, Garth Myers, who was interviewed by Frank B. Salisbury for the book The Utah UFO Display, stated that Kenneth Myers was a UFO skeptic. While some claim that Garth may not have been informed by Kenneth & Edith of the activity on the ranch, it is quite impossible since had visited the ranch often. According to Garth, “up to 1992, there had never been and there never were any signs of that [UFO and similar activity].” [14 pg. 218]. Garth also continues in his interview stating he never saw multiple locks on the doors and cabinets in the home and he also denies the Myers owning big guard dogs. In fact, after Kenneth Myers passed away, Edith continued to live on the Ranch with her 3-legged dog. [14]

As we continue to investigate the corrections and clarifications of the ranch, we are met with the grave rumor that bad things happen when you dig on the ranch. However, this rumor is just that, a rumor. The truth of the matter is the Myers owned the oil rights on the property and simply stated “no digging on the ranch without notification of the previous owners.” [14] This is not out of the ordinary.

One of the main stories that fueled the Skinwalker lore surrounding the ranch was the story from Hunt for the Skinwalker about the mangled calf’s head. Terry Sherman was never interviewed for the book Hunt for the Skinwalker nor was he informed that the book was coming out until after it was published and released. When Salisbury interviewed Sherman about the story, he stated that much of it was fabricated, but never gave more information into what parts of the story were fabricated. [14] It is also important to note that while the story is well circulated the ‘facts’ of this story differ from each retelling. There are conflicting stories as to when the cattle arrived on the ranch, when this story apparently took place, what the animal was shot with and how many guns, and if the animal was injured at all.

More discrepancies come from the book, Hunt for the Skinwalker, with the stories of Buffalo Soldiers. There are claims that the Buffalo soldiers were buried in the Uintah Basin and later the government built homes for the Native Americans on the graves. [13] This claim could not be substantiated with any outside sources. The Deseret news goes so far as saying, “In March 1901, the 192 buffalo soldiers and their two black officers then assigned to Fort Duchesne were sent via San Francisco to the Philippines to take part in the Spanish-American War. The eight remaining blacks left the post in July of that year, ending the buffalo soldier era.” [9] As to the rumor of the Buffalo soldiers all being masons and carving the masonic symbol into a rock as a form of protection, we found no evidence to support this rumor.

The disturbing fact of this information is the book by Kelleher and Knapp that is so widely used as fact for this case, fabricated the information about the supposed incidents on the ranch. While it is a delightful page-turner for those interested in a book ‘based on a true story’ it should be classified as a work of fiction not a work of nonfiction.

While this case for us is coming to an end it is not coming to a close. We have now seen unusual phenomena that has happened on the ranch and continues to happen to this day. We are thankful for the diligent research done for the book The Utah UFO Display by Frank B. Salisbury, and we thank all our listeners who researched alongside us! We will continue to keep our eyes on Skinwalker Ranch for new evidence in the future.

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