Vault Notes - Exeter, NH Incident Case | Patreon Preview

Updated: Aug 12

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

What an exciting case this was! Kyle and I fell in love with the Exeter Case and the Hill Case as we got to dive deep into these cases. Now you can dive deep into our research with us.

Exeter incident

  • The incident took place on September 3, 1965

  • 5 miles South of Exeter, NH, at approx. 2am

  • 18 year old Norman Muscarello was hitchhiking to his girlfriend's house in Amesbury, Mass.

  • He was three weeks away from leaving for service in the United States Navy

  • Muscarello is walking along NH 150 when he sees red lights

  • He thinks they belong to a police or fire vehicle.

  • The lights were bright enough to illuminate the woods and two houses in bright red light. (Dining's house) 

  • Before he knows it, the lights are chasing him so he hides in a ditch.

  • He then jumps infront of a car that takes him to the police station.

  • Muscarello was visibly shaken by the incident.

  • "Police officer Eugene Bertrand, Jr., who earlier in the evening had passed a distressed woman sitting in her car on NH 108" 

  • The woman had apparently been chased in her car by the craft for about 12 miles.

  • It then hovered over the car and flew away.

  • Officer Bertrand went back to the Dining's house with Muscarello

  • They both saw a craft slowly rise from the trees with red flashing lights on it. - - The red lights match Betty & Barney Hill's account. "Bertrand described the UFO as "this huge, dark object as big as a barn over there, with red flashing lights on it."

  • The object agitated local animals

  • dogs barking, horse kicking the barn

  • Officer Hunt was called for backup.

  • Officer Bertrand and Muscarello watched the object about 100 ft in the air at about 100 ft away. It stayed until Officer Hunt arrived.

  • He witnessed it as well.

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