Weekly Recap - October 11

October is here, and I'm feeling more festive than usual! I don't know about you guys, but I've fallen behind in getting into the spirit these past few years. I have a real appreciation for my mother spending so much time decorating the house when I was younger. I admit, I barely have the focus/drive to get out one little bin of Halloween stuff for an apartment, let alone decorate a house!

This year however, I think building a simple alter and such has helped me appreciate fall and bring the energies in. I've also been lighting more candles. It's wild how a flickering flame calms the mind. Highly recommend you do this (safely). Check out the Candle Magic Workshop below for more info!


On Monday, Pagan and I posted the UFOs of Massachusetts episode! As always, Pagan did a fantastic job with the Vault Notes, so don't miss out on a single tidbit!


Pagan posted a wonderful Medicine Wheel tarot pull. I admit, I know very little about Medicine Wheel pulls, so don't take it from me. Read below!

Fun Fact: New Tarot Tuesdays are published every week for FREE on Patreon!


This past Wednesday was a fairly quiet one, all things considered! We did host a Twitch stream that kicked off our screening sessions. We watched episode 1 of Hellier on YouTube.

Next Wednesday, expect to see a new Ritualist Letter from Pagan on Patreon!


This past Thursday, we talked about High Strangeness. This is the thread that brought Pagan and me together.


Pagan did an amazing Candle Magic Workshop this past Friday. These workshops will air live on Twitch and be syndicated to the Patreon for future reference!


We used this Saturday's Behind-the-Scenes episode to BS about all the recent programming changes. As always, we aim to keep our work top-notch while building out something we believe in! This episode is available for anyone pledging $5 and above:

Take a look at some of our current projects and weirdness!


Last week I updated you on the Bookclub that Pagan and I have been working on. We have one heck of a great update for you this week: Laura Tempest Zakroff (the author of the book) has agreed to join us on the podcast for an interview! If you have questions or want to start reading, now is the time!

For the month of October, Pagan and I are reading "Weave the Liminal" by Laura Tempest Zakroff. We're working on what shape we'd like the book club to take. Our early thoughts are to choose a book that covers a paranormal topic each month and do a mini discussion at the end of the month in Discord.

By the way, if you'd like to get the book in audio format, signing up on Audible supports the network!

OCTOBER Twitch Schedule- *BIG CHANGE*

Tues Oct 13 - Variety Show w/ Brian from GhostQuest.Net

Wed Oct 14 - Workshop - Tarot

Thr Oct 15 - MAIN SHOW - Salem 1 - History 1pm ET

Fri Oct 16 - Friday Screening Hellier Episode 2

Tues Oct 20 - Variety Show w/ Brian from GhostQuest.Net

Wed Oct 21 - Wednesday Workshop - TBD

Thr Oct 22 - MAIN SHOW - Salem 2 - Supernatural / Modern Salem 1pm ET

Fri Oct 23 - Friday Screening Hellier Episode 3

Tues Oct 27 - Variety Show w/ Brian from GhostQuest.Net

Wed Oct 28 - Wednesday Workshop - Ancestors / Working with the Dead

Thr Oct 29 - MAIN SHOW - Season 1 Recap 1pm ET

Fri Oct 30 - Friday Screening Hellier Episode 4


This is going to be a big week upcoming! We have the paranormal talk show running its first full week, and boy am I ready to dive in!

Thank you all for joining me for a recap post. I hope this proves helpful by making all the links handy so you don't miss a single thing!

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