Weekly Recap - October 25

By: Kyle Dempster

One question for you all before we dive into the recap. Are you excited about this week's spooky lineup? We've got time on the Twitch homepage, interviews with Laura Tempest Zakroff, an appearance by Katie Webb, and more!


Our morning show will be featured on the Twitch Homepage on October 28th from 10 am to 12 pm PST. It would mean SO much to me if we see you in the audience that day. We'll be joined on the homepage by Laura Tempest Zakroff! Pre-homepage stream starts at 9 am PT.


On Monday, we posted our Salem Pt 1 episode which turned out to be way different than expected. We went in hoping to find witches and came out with a different view.


On the Revelator Morning Show, Brian and I talked about para-tourism, mysterious images reappearing, and more!

Pagan posted a wonderful Tarot Tuesday using her Oracle of Shadow and Light deck.

*Fun Fact: New Tarot Tuesdays are published every week for FREE on Patreon!


On the Revelator Morning Show, Pagan and I did a tarot workshop. We archive these workshops on Patreon for those that missed the live show!


This past Thursday, we recorded Salem Pt. 1 which covered some of the history and controversy regarding the Salem witch trials.

We do a pre and post-show on Twitch!


On the Revelator Morning Show, we kept it low key and watched some ghost videos and Hellier Episodes 3 &4.



Laura Tempest Zakroff will be joining us on the Twitch homepage on October 28th between 10 am to 12 pm PT to discuss sigil witchery!

"Weave the Liminal" by Laura Tempest Zakroff. We're working on what shape we'd like the book club to take. Our early thoughts are to choose a book that covers a paranormal topic each month and do a mini discussion at the end of the month in Discord.

By the way, if you'd like to get the book in audio format, signing up on Audible supports the network!

OCTOBER Twitch Schedule-

All streams start at 9 am PT / noon ET / 5 pm London

Tues Oct 27 - Variety Show w/ Brian from GhostQuest.Net

Wed Oct 28 - TWITCH HOMEPAGE - Sigils with Friends DIY sigil making (bring a pen & paper)

Thr Oct 29 - MAIN SHOW - Elementals - 1pm ET

Fri Oct 30 - Friday Screening


Thank you all for joining me for a recap post. I hope this proves helpful by making all the links handy so you don't miss a single thing!

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