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Yule Rune Reading | Occult Sunday

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins | December 13, 2020

Since Yule is coming up on December 21st, I decided to do a rune reading in the spirit of this pagan holiday.


Mannaz is the rune of humanity. It is a symbol of creativity and human intelligence. This rune is a reminder that we are part of a shared experience no matter our language, race, or beliefs. This seems like the perfect time of year to draw this rune. However, it is also a reminder that we should be looking to promote harmony between each other throughout the year not just during this holiday time.

This rune also represents the self and inner being. The dark time of year is a great time for us to look within ourselves and ensure that we are listening to our intuition instead of our ego. Mannaz reminds us that we need to maintain our self-awareness. This means checking in on ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is also a reminder that this dark time of the year is a valuable time to do our shadow work to prepare ourselves to grow into the coming season of spring.

Since this is the rune of humanity, it also reminds us to assist others as well as being open to assistance. Sometimes we can not do a task alone or we just need a friend to be there, and Mannaz reminds us it is okay to ask for help. Self-reliance is a wonderful attribute but we as humans need each other to reach our highest potential.

Mannaz is also the rune of the mind. It represents success in areas related to language, law, and academic study.

So in the coming weeks to Yule and beyond, remember to be creative but also remember your fellow humans. This is a time for us to start and continue to promote peace and wellbeing. Do not allow this energy to stop after the shine of the holidays have ended. Be good to yourselves and each other.

What is something you are doing to celebrate humanity this season? Tell us in the comments below!



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